Why use Allocated Time in Prayers

This is an ongoing conversation between me and a man of God whom I had read from and sent words to with respect to the prayers by the time instituted by God Almighty.

My Message to him"

"I have seen and read one of your publications March/April 2016 topic: 'Reflection 1'-  and it is very interesting instructing about intercessory job of prayer for all and not for selected people of the church. This is good. thank you-    I have attached to this a supporting view and revelation of God's time for prayer for all peace loving people and for the church. It is greatly revealing. Please find time to access and let me have your thoughts." Daniel Oketa

His reply:
"Your praying to time has been studied. I know you may have got some revelation about this. The Bible talks about prayer watches of night and day. Your concept of the time segment for prayers looks a little different from that. What's your comments on that? What is your attachment to the 11pm and 12noon hours? You talked about December 31st  and 1st January 2019. What did the Lord say about those dates. Please would kindly comment on these areas for better understanding. Sorry for the late response due to other commitments"

The Science of Cheating Death

There is a new science of cheating death as far as this world remains. By using the science you can beat or stop ageing and also eliminate all kinds of diseases or sicknesses.   

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Pray Nigeria

By this, Nigeria’s greatness is the worlds’ greatness. Arising from the revelation of the time and times in God for effective prayers and exploit, a nine (9) months time redemption prayers strategy has been ordered in unity for all Christians and peace loving people in the power of God for total destruction of the powers of evil against Nigeria and to activate and enforce divine intervention. 

This will launch Nigeria into the modernity of leading to world to the next age of development because all over the world, this wisdom of God is needed; by all Christians and peace loving people who should come to God simply by praying by the time for divine intervention. There is no one who calls to God rightly as ordained that would not be encountered by Him. 

God respects and uses laid down principles for mankind to rule the world so this must not be underrated for any reason whatsoever. And every good hearted and spirited person should join faith to activate the power of God as well as to partake in and be established in the blessing. 

This is why we are publishing PRAY NIGERIA to tell everyone to stay by the time in prayers to God irrespective of denomination or church membership with the goal of building at least ten million Nigerians praying daily. The grand finale of the gathering of all good people in Nigeria is set at 31st December 2018- 1st January 2019 as instructed by God Almighty. On this day you and everyone who desires God mighty intervention in all things and for the powers of evil to be completely destroyed and visible should stay by the time and pleasing the Blood of Jesus Christ on yourself, city and Country. 

Why the Intercession of Abraham Could not Deliver Sodom

Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah to be spared---He started by saying if God should find 50 righteous persons in the land and it will be spared. He moved on to plead for 45, 40, 30, 20 and 10. Most people thought…he ended at one person…NO.  The meaning is that 1-9 righteous persons were not enough or up to the quota that that city/country with some grievous sins could be spared even though it was interceded for by Abraham.

Are you interceding for Nigeria too? If yes please continue. But know that your intercession can save you more at this time more than others. Therefore it is written:

“The word of the LORD came again to me, saying, Son of man, when the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it: Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver [but] their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord GOD. If I cause noisome beasts to pass through the land, and they spoil it, so that it be desolate, that no man may pass through because of the beasts: [Though] these three men [were] in it, [as] I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters; they only shall be delivered, but the land shall be desolate.” (KJV) Ezekiel 14:12-16

The scriptures says there is a time where everyone must stand for his/herself and the prayers of great people (like Daniel, Noah and Job including yours) may not help much and not even family members who refuse to obey instructions of safety or righteousness.  

No More Death

As far as this world continue to exist, if you use the  Universal System of Wellbeing and Life insurance by using the leadership time daily and the attached health principles, you will be very great and never have to die.

Know your right - and use it.  SEE IT 

The Power of You-Mankind

You should be the leader of the world above all things. And as a person (human being), you are God’s most precious power and should be the leader of all creation; yes all creation should submit to you as much as they would submit to God.

If anything (be it disease, evil) overpowers you against your will then it is not actually God’s will for you as you may soon discover. This means that you should rule over all things as God wants and this can only be done through knowledge and principle on how to effectively combine or apply the powers or functions of nature by time or at all times.
This should also explain to you why the universe has laid down principles which if obeyed or disobeyed, the result or outcome should become a reality as much as possible.

Human beings are so power that they can contend with nature to do and undo. This power is not just about a person’s determination because many people have been so determined by could not hold on; so it is all and really about understanding the powers or functions of the universal elements and putting them to work.

So the universe is not more powerful than you but with you and is positioned and designed to help you succeed.

Pray as God Demands

If you really want to have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying to God and commanding the universe between 11pm-12am-1am and 12noon daily or as much as you can- THIS IS WHAT GOD DEMANDS FROM YOU. You must not pray for 2 hours (11pm-1am), at night but pray at least 11:45pm-12:15am and at 12 noon. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf, destroy evil plans and you will have your peace.   This is a merciful secret of God. If you want new success, do something changeably new- Start praying by the TIME Daily.    


How to Make yourself a great leader

The time in question is 11pm-1am(Night) and 12noon (day) daily. This means that at this time a person is supposed to be alive purposely as much/long as possible investing the power of spoken words (for creative force of life) to order the universal in love/goodness. Since everyone has equal TIME @ 24 hours per day, this system can be effectively used by anyone in any part of the world or profession for all level of good successes and to determine the effectiveness of a DAY daily. And also there is time for everything- so also this is an allocated time for Universal leadership and success in all things for good. This may be a shift in your understanding and you should know that if you want new or higher success, do something changeably new. 

The Right Time

Whatever is done at the wrong time may produce wrong of infective wrong and may become wrong. Consider a farmer who farms yam at the wrong time of the season (year). And you should know that no matter how large such a farm is, it may produce low or nothing at all for the benefit of the owner and others. Hence understanding the right time of leadership dominion per day is the best thing that can happen to you and to a person to success.  

What's Good About Time (3)

  1. Universality:  There is time everywhere
  2. LIFE: Time is life. How well you make your days determine your life.
  3. TIME=DAY: A day is time (evening and morning) 12-24hours
  4. EQUALITY: Everyone has equal time 24hours per city/nation 
  5. DOUBLE HONOUR: Time is both spiritual and physical element (You may understand this better as we go on)
  6. ALL THINGS: Everything exist by time or in time 
  7. CHANGE: A change happens by time or process.
  8. MOST IMPORTANT: Time is the most important element in every relationship/creation: between humans and between God and man. For example considers the aspect of life creation between humans and other living things- time is highly crucial and must be effectively because they should be available at the same time.  
  9. EFFECTIVENESS: TIME makes a thing/event Effective: E.g. we meet here (location) by 9am, 29 December 17, 2018. Location is in TIME, the Hour is TIME and so is the date.
  10. CREATIVITY AND INVESTMENT: Time is used to create ideas, money, jobs etc through service or product.  Most at times you are employed (to create your income) by investing your time or expertise. And remember that what every expertise you have was receive over time.

The Big Question of the Time (2)

What element in life should a person take charge of in order to be completely secured and to prosper or succeed in all areas of life PER DAY or that would GUARANTEE his/her success. 
Clue (1): This element can be found everywhere and a person should be able to use it consciously and accurately. 
Clue (2): Everyone has the same amount of this element available to him/her daily

Option: (1) Money (Does Everyone has equal money? I hope you say no!)
Option:       (2) Plants and Animals (Everyone has equal plants and animal allocated to them? Someone say no!)
Option:       (3) Schools and Education (Everyone has equal schooling, education and certificates? I am sure not!)
Option:       (4) People: Friends and Family or colleagues or give or receive assistances (Not at all)
Option:       (5) Time (a day or 12hours) in every land, country/nation?

 The Answer is correct as ‘Time’. Yes Time: But what about time?


Universal System of Leadership (1)

This leadership skills development is part of the Universal System of Wellbeing and Life Insurance which should be enforced by you for human and national transformation. The following are the multifaceted and comprehensive nature of the system:
  1. Personal Leadership Development: It is self help and a great opportunity for a person to know and make to use of the system against all odd to ensure success in various areas of life endeavours.
  2. Universally Engagement- this means that it can and should be applied by anyone in any country or nation;
  3. Great User/Purpose Diversity: It can and should be applied by those with or any level of formal education for success in all level of professionalism, trade, business etc.
  4. Unity/Peace: It is an intra-faith and interfaith unified system of people, organizations and nations for national and global peace;
  5. Human and National Transformation: It is the most influential system that determines the effectiveness of other systems for human creativity and national development.

The result you will have by this is the freedom and power to achieve your potential and even to help others to do so. Consequently, we may say that the most important elements of the Universal System of success are you and time or the use of time by mankind with other power of nature to achieve success and enforce universal leadership.


Lies about Heaven, New World and Eternity

1.      If this world will end, will there be another world (new heaven and earth) like this one?
2.      Can those in this world see another or move to the next world without tasting death or must they all die?
3.      The world that ended through Noah, is it a different world from this one? 
4.      If yes, from the above, were there children at the end of the last world before this particular world begun?
5.      If yes to the above, what happened to them- I mean the children?
6.      If you say there were no children above, would you say no one was having children then even though they were getting married?  Remember that the scripture says that at the time of Noah (they never listened but they were getting married and so also will the coming of the son of man be).
7.      So If they were getting married as it is now, then certainly they were having children. But what happened to the innocent children? I did not see them or their children in the Ark.
8.      If Noah was given 120years to finish the Ark, were people not prospering at that time? If not, why not?

How to Live above 100 Years

The right key may not necessarily be huge; it can be small or even in words (password) but let it be used rightly and timely in prayers:

• To make heaven and earth; the entire universe to support you better;
• To turn Every Problems to opportunities
• To overcome all types of temptations
• To defeat all types of evil and plans
• To overturn tables in Your Favour
• To establish Your Successes and fulfill your ambition
• To command and Control the Universe
• To stay united in the faith
• To gain higher and better spiritual strength
• To Recover all and Know it-
• To serve God and man better
• For all Possibilities.

If you have fasted and prayed with little or no difference, then come and see the right key for better and faster result.

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How to make money worldwide

No matter who you are and wherever you are- you can and will really make money by the solutions you provide. Any other thing you are thinking away from providing solutions, please avoid it.

Let your solution be a need and not just because you have the solution. For example, if you have a car and it is a SOLUTION but  someone dont NEED it, then why should you be paid fot it?

So look for the solution; and let it be a need to someone or to as many as possible.

If you need a solution that is a need, come let me show you the solution you need and that the world needs and how to make money through it.

With the Universal System of Wellbeing, you can earn over 50% monthly from your investment.

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Be Completely Secured

If you really want to have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying to God and commanding the universe between 11pm-12am-1am and 12noon daily or as much as you can. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf, destroy evil plans and you will have your peace.   This is a merciful secret of God. If you want new success, do something changeably new- Start praying by the TIME Daily.    

The Power of Praying by the Time
Ø There is time for everything- so also there is an ordained time for prayer and even fasting completely founded in the Holy Bible by Almighty God for your success. See Inside for clarity.

Why use the Time?
It is the revealed instruction and structure of God’s time (the evening and the morning) for intervention in the life of men.
“THE EVENING is (12noon or pm- 11:59pm) (12noon is the first how of the night, while 11pm is the last hour of the night). THE MORNING is (12am-11:59am) (12am is the first hour of the day, while 11am is the last hour of the day or morning)”
Getting hold of the FIRST/LAST part of a thing determines its perfect control or power. Therefore 11pm-1am and 12noon must be taken with the FORCE OF PRAYER for a successful life. Stand against evil and your mistakes, mistake of others against you and enthrone good by the time. 

How to be Healed Forever

This is not just about drinking or taking water anyhow you want but DRINKING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF WATER AT THE RIGHT TIME For all kinds of health solutions and prevention. THE RIGHT TIME AND THE RIGHT ACTION BRINGS PERFECTION and it is great universal discovery for your wellbeing and life insurance. 
THERE IS A RIGHT TIME FOR EVERYTHING and ANYTHING DONE at the WRONG TIME may become INEFFECTIVE.  E.g consider a farmer who (choose to or by ignorance) plants yam at the wrong time, such a farmer will reap nothing profitable no matter how large the farm is or resources invested. Therefore you may be taking PLENTY of WATER by the time… but if you are not doing so at the wrong time, you will be greatly limited- which HAS KILLED MANY PEOPLE. So we show you and the world THE TIME AND AMOUNT of WATER to do the miracle you desire and to make other health medications work for you better.

The Universal System of Power and Dominion

The universal time of dominion and exercise of leadership power over the universe is between 11pm-1am and 12 noon Daily.  See the diagram. This means that you should be alive in any land by the time daily if you desire that the Universe should work perfectly for you. 

  You only have ONE DAY (24 HOURS) daily and your ability to dominate time per day determines your success.    
2.     No evil can have power over you if you know and use the time for dominion.
3.     The time to dominate the day and everything including the effectiveness of your prayers is 11pm-1am and 12noon. So it depends on how you use it to determine your life and day and success.  
4.     If you use the time (11pm-1am and 12noon) to sleep/silent, you are determining to be in poverty, diseases and you may die against your wish.
5.     If you are alive by the time, you determine your life: health and success or prosperity daily. YOU WILL DESTROY ALL EVIL; YOU WILL SUCCEED BETTER.

6.    If you speak (invest the power of creation or force of life) at the RIGHT TIME OF DOMINION, you will NEVER LOSE. 

!2 Noon is the beginning of  night and darkness though unseen (it is spiritual). Since your words are spirits with the ability to create, you should speak at the 12noon exactly to remove such darkness from your life and endeavours.

If you use the time as being exposed- not even a nuclear bomb can affect you and no natural disaster can kill you except when you decided to die. This is because you are a leader of the universe staying by the time to order it.

It is this simple and powerful- enjoy life in complete security and success.
More advantage is that the universe or wherever you are will work perfectly for you.     

See the RELIGION of the TIME in the Bible or other Holy Books 

New World Order

Right now the world is running towards a New World Order by which many say ‘there shall be one military, government and religion etc.

But this is exactly what is being talked about ‘a unified leadership system by which minds are empowered together in unity and peace.

This is the United World of Nations and the United World Society which we are building and all those who align shall be in:

-          Complete Security and Protection of the Universe
-          Perfect Health
-          Prosperity of Mind and Soul
-          Universal Leadership  

This can only be Received and activated FREELY by anyone from any part of the world through the Universal System of Well-Being and Life Insurance.

We are working with individuals, organizations (cooperate or faith based), agencies, governments, and nations to enrich and restore the world. 

How Does the United World of Nation Works? 
1. People stay (individually) together in every nation from their various locations (homes/offices)  athe the same time (11pm-1am) and 12noon.

2. At time, they use it to ORDER the UNIVERSE, and MAY DRINK some water for COMPLETE HEALTH RECOVERY.  Christian and Other religions people use it for effective prayers. 

3. The time is the Universal Dominion TIME and effective with everyone and everything. Even Animals obey this time why not man who is the leader of creation?

‘Is it really true that the most important things of life are free? You may say so, but your knowledge/commitment is needed to experience and enjoy them.  

Be a part of this- let us rule the world. This is the original design.

See more about the TIME- Click HERE

Choose to Believe

We have discovered a universal system that you can use for
1. Complete Health recovery against any diseases or sickness
2. Perfect Personal Security against nuclear and bio weapons etc
3. Perfect Global Leadership Power
4. Perfect Peace and unity of people

And you can use to for
1. Personal Gains: successes and fulfilment of ambition etc
2. Family/Organizational Success
3. Political Gains/Support and success

"Although nothing (not even life or success) is compulsory, you owe yourself a great duty to know more and by which you should succeed better"- Daniel Oketa

See Testimonies 

For Partnership/Sponsorship
If you are interested- simply let us know
(+234) 07037 38 4814
070 65 55995507

Testimonies of Using the Universal System of Well Being and Life Insurance

1.     Naomi an ardent user wrote to me saying: ‘I am experiencing a Complete life and Health turnaround’   (+234) 07063700487. 

2.     With this, Mathew Olayele a healing evangelist “I have tried it and even though I am not sick and I feel a better digestion and metabolism”.  

Mary was healed of High Blood Pressure within three days and all systems of infections gone (+234 810 077 168)- she has left taking any other drug for High Blood pressure.  

Queen was healed of stomach pain and menstrual pain (+234 703 293 0680).

3.     Victor is testifying for direct sign of looking forever-young:  (+234 08166909234)

4.     Dr. Joseph Ahmedu who was using another water therapy against diabetes found this most effective system is recommending it to others; (+234) 07030485353.

5.     Yusuf: used this against stroke and within three days, the whole family noticed a great relief. He was down for about two years with one-sided paralysis but started moving his leg after 7seven days of this therapy. His speech became far better. That is the only therapy/drugs he resulted to. 

6.     Dr Francis Beloved Odinaka, a medical practitioner is using this personally and administering  this to his patients: ((+234) 07038373822)

7.     Universal Group: There a  group of people using this already day and are in communication with each other to help people all over the world against all forms of tribalism, religion or ethnic differences.

Diverse Solutions: Remember even though this solution is greatly encompassing, most people only know a little of what it does in them to share but you may understand better by using it. And the only way to have your own testimonies is to try this out consistently; you should share your joy with others.

1.     Emmanuel and Family are currently over whelmed by the miracle of this system: 08069113445. Blur vision corrected within 3days. Low sperm count corrected.

2.     Mr. Okoye cannot stop taking: Health and energy; body pains, joint and waist pains disappeared: 08039194628   

This is not up to one- quarter of the testimonies round about world the but we are only able to capture some here.
Add yours using the comment box below

Universal Wellbeing and Life Insurance Diagram

Universal System of Well Being and Life Insurance

This is multi-country program that provides funding, capacity development, knowledge and learning support for collaborative social accountability, peace and unity against fragility, violence and conflict.
The initiative also seeks to generate learning, tolerance, trust and state legitimacy. This system synergy would guarantee:
1.     Youth Empowerment: In Nigeria, youth can earn at least N100,000 monthly with Laptops and other gadgets.
2.     Health Revolutionary System: through which many people can get healed of known and unknown illnesses just by using the system FREE of CHARGE –
3.     Peace and Unity

See users Testimonies
Discuss more for direct intervention and partnership.
07037 38 48 14

How Evil Plans/Powers Can be Destroyed through Effective Prayers

If you really want to have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying to God and commanding the universe between 11pm-12am-1am and 12noon daily or as much as you can. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf, destroy evil plans and you will have your peace.   This is a merciful secret of God.  

The Power of Praying by the Time
Ø There is time for everything- so also there is an ordained time for prayer and even fasting completely founded in the Holy Bible by Almighty God for your success. See Inside for clarity.
Ø The time in question is 11pm-12am- 1am (night) and 12noon(day) daily.
Ø At the top of each of the hours listed above, you should use/speak the Blood of Jesus upon yourself, city. Date/day and your city.
Ø If you want new success, do something changeably new- Start praying by the TIME Daily.   

How to Destroy Evil Plans/Powers

If you really want to destroy evil plans and powers; have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying to God and commanding the universe between 11pm-12am-1am and 12noon daily or as much as you can. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf and you will have your peace.   This is a merciful secret of God. 

The Power of Praying by the Time
Ø  There is time for everything- so also there is an ordained time for prayer and even fasting completely founded the Bible.
Ø  So if everything exists by time @ 24hours a day then within the 24hours, there is a time or hours allocated for prayers by God Almighty.
Ø  The time in question is 11pm-12am- 1am (night) and 12noon(day) daily.
Ø  At the top of each of the hours listed above, you should use/speak the Blood of Jesus upon yourself, city. Date/day and your city.
Ø  This is the most important and feared unity of the church and children of God irrespective of location, denomination or calling. 
Ø  If you want new success, do something changeably new.  

How to Live Above 100Years

Your age and strength needs to grow, be renewed and maintained constantly and should not be overpowered by diseases, tiredness, unhappiness, poverty or something else. For example, like an airplane-runs-fly and maintain altitude until it chooses to come down, so also you should. Consequently, this solution will
1.     Renew and repair all your organs and body- 
2.     Renew the skin and remove winkles
3.     Oil the skin
4.     Repair and grow hairs

One of those (50years old) who listened in one our seminars declared “I will never be older than this again” being healed of some infectious/bone diseases. 

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