How to be Healed Forever

This is not just about drinking or taking water anyhow you want but DRINKING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF WATER AT THE RIGHT TIME For all kinds of health solutions and prevention. THE RIGHT TIME AND THE RIGHT ACTION BRINGS PERFECTION and it is great universal discovery for your wellbeing and life insurance. 
THERE IS A RIGHT TIME FOR EVERYTHING and ANYTHING DONE at the WRONG TIME may become INEFFECTIVE.  E.g consider a farmer who (choose to or by ignorance) plants yam at the wrong time, such a farmer will reap nothing profitable no matter how large the farm is or resources invested. Therefore you may be taking PLENTY of WATER by the time… but if you are not doing so at the wrong time, you will be greatly limited- which HAS KILLED MANY PEOPLE. So we show you and the world THE TIME AND AMOUNT of WATER to do the miracle you desire and to make other health medications work for you better.

The Quick and Forever Solution and Procedure
Start today: Take/drink 1-2litters of water  11pm-1am (night) and one litter at noon 12noon (daytime). Let the water be normal temperature,  warm/hot according to availability but not cold. The reason for hot/warm water is that it may be taken in lesser quantity and can produce quicker result. Yes, it is this simple and short. It will amaze you and only you can explain it to yourself or experience it by yourself with the solution you need after trying it. This will do the magic/miracle within few days far more than you can imagine.

Why use Water by the Time
1.     There is a right time for everything or to make everything effective. The time structure (11pm-1am and 12noon) is the most powerful time of the day that nature and the universe answers rightly to mankind in words and deeds. It is the right time to DETERMINE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EVERYTHING OR ACTION IN LIFE…
At night the body needs more water for overall healthy delivery and for the creation of cells, hormones, blood, tissues, effective metabolism. For example hormones like melatonin can only be created during darkness/sleep with the help of water.
3.     Every water you take is used up by the body between 4-5hours. And without enough water in the body system at night, the body is like a generator set which is actively working without engine oil. The result is gradual or sudden damage. THIS is the situation with most people
4.     Every disease or illness can be corrected with this system for real and for good far cheaper and faster than you can imagine.
5.     All what is needed is your discipline to obey this simple instruction and to get the result you need everywhere you go.

As far as you are alive, you are prone to ageing and sickness daily as far as you eat and exist on the earth arising from the following:
1.     Working or exhausting time and energy or resources on many activities and businesses daily
2.     Junks arising from food/drinks. That is how waste is created and needs to be eliminated by the best way. All food has left over in the body.
3.     Leftover and effects of normal drugs/medicines.. Drugs have left over in the body
4.     Abuses of substances or lifestyle (smoking, alcoholism, drug abuses, etc) 
5.     Free radicals or pollutions regularly- from man's activities and from the environment being inhaled (smells, smokes/fumes, greenhouse emissions) etc
6.     Germs and other infections seen and unseen known or unknown (fungus, virus, bacterial)
7.     Accidents of one form or the other that could harm the body.
8.     Disease/illness that could through birth.
All of the above have solution because there is nothing without solution- we only need to find the solution with God and through the use of nature. This is exactly what we have done. Your entire organs and body is highly depended on water at the right time to secret wastes, cause repairs and renew cells and tissues and to purify/change the blood; using it daily as a preventive measure is the best. No matter how well a house is built or how well locked it may be, dust will find its way into it over time and dirt may become very noticeable. But what makes it better/cleaner is because of constant use and maintenance. So it is with the human body or life; it doesn’t matter how careful or protected a person may be,   he/she eat through waste/toxins are created in the body, which need timely or effective management and remove.

There so many questions being asked and being answered over this great therapy. And a few of them listed below may help you. Someone asked: “How about the very early morning water therapy of 5am daily?” Then I gave the following replies:
“What I am telling you now to take at least 1 litter of water between 11pm-1am) is not only better but the best against the 5am stuff. This is because, at your sleeping position, that is when the kidney works perfectly or faster with water over all the body to remove and to add or cause repairs to damaged cells, tissues and organs. Do not be afraid of constant urination, it is very good. If you deny the kidney enough water at the right time, it is like denying your generator set or car engine oil while using it. You should know the result over time. And that is why the health of many people deteriorates and they go for all kinds of medicines without remedy. But now you have known the most preventive and curative format. Use it and be blessed in Jesus Name, Amen”. 

Another question was that “You mean someone should always stay awake between 11pm and 1am? Only to be taking water?” And thus I replied
“ Yes, your health is your wealth and if it demands that you should be awake. Then do all you can to be awake. But remember that 11pm:45-12:15am is also right. So also is 11pm:30-12:30am to be wake. This is because those hours are the most important hours of life. 11pm is used to close aday and 12am is used to open a new day. You may need to take your water gradually. So you may take water and also make it a devotion/prayer time. This is the great secret of life. Naturally you create life in your body using water and supernaturally you may do so by praying. You may need more over this; the time and Hours of life. You may need this link on the website (www.neworldark.net)

The kidney uses water to make/create blood and provide oxygen and also to convert nutrients from one form to another for the effective functioning of the cells, tissues and organs including the brain. The creative and conversion powers of the kidney functions by four basic mechanisms: filtration, reabsorption, secretion and excretion. The Kidneys (two in number) control the normality of body fluids in the cells, tissues and organs. Most people, because they do not understand the secret of taking enough water at the right time, their internal body system lacks water or become deficient in water balancing or metabolism (life-sustaining chemical activity) and therefore they fall into many kinds of heath challenges. But once the kidney have enough water (raw material) coming through at the right time and to use during the time of sleeping for about 5-6 hours, then much good and repairs will be activated or done through the cells, tissues and organs and entire body daily.

·        Water is used to Create Blood/Cell/Tissues Daily 
·        lack of enough water by the time causes Strokes/Heart Attacks- and it is why most people often get affected by night and may never recover.
·       Bone and Joints Solutions are made possible b water at the right time 

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