How to Create and Multiply Money

If you can really make use of what you will receive here, you will be forever influential. But let me show you your money first. For example, if you need to multiply N1000, then you should invest the N1000 in the knowledge of what to you should do. That the power tie of money- KNOWLEDGE.

Do you Really Need Money?
To the above question, I know your answer without a guess and you are very right. And then I will ask you one more question as thus: do you know how to create and money? And to this question I know your answer... you said YES with emphasis ‘YEEAS’! 

But you should know the following forms of money before you can successfully create it.  

1.     Cash- I.e paper/coin at hand or at bank of any country/currency
2.     Physical Assets: Something valuable or sellable Around you:
3.     You: that is your service from your energy. That is why you may join someone to carry blocks or brinks from one place to another and you may get paid in cash, food or otherwise.
4.     Idea: this is where you may have a solution with a secret of how to make a thing work better, quicker or better.
5.     Someone’s idea or secret: you practically leverage on someone’s ignorance, success or failure to make it big or to create more money.  

Now hear me very carefully on this: everyone has money in one form or the other and everyone is looking for money. The difference is what they do with the money and information they have at a given time to get richer or poorer.  

Let no one deceive you; without trading your money (cash, assets, time/energy or idea), you cannot make more money’. But you do the one at your disposal.  

Let Me Help You
I want to help you create more money starting with number 5 above (someone’s idea/secret) then 1-4 can become highly effective with you in any land or country.

Your Advantages:
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