How to Destroy Evil Plans/Powers

If you really want to destroy evil plans and powers; have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying to God and commanding the universe between 11pm-12am-1am and 12noon daily or as much as you can. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf and you will have your peace.   This is a merciful secret of God. 

The Power of Praying by the Time
Ø  There is time for everything- so also there is an ordained time for prayer and even fasting completely founded the Bible.
Ø  So if everything exists by time @ 24hours a day then within the 24hours, there is a time or hours allocated for prayers by God Almighty.
Ø  The time in question is 11pm-12am- 1am (night) and 12noon(day) daily.
Ø  At the top of each of the hours listed above, you should use/speak the Blood of Jesus upon yourself, city. Date/day and your city.
Ø  This is the most important and feared unity of the church and children of God irrespective of location, denomination or calling. 
Ø  If you want new success, do something changeably new.  

Why use the Time?
It is the revealed instruction and structure of God’s time (evening and the morning) for intervention in the life of men.
“THE EVENING is (12noon or pm- 11:59pm) (12noon is the first how of the night, while 11pm is the last hour of the night). THE MORNING is (12am-11:59am) (12am is the first hour of the day, while 11am is the last hour of the day or morning)
The FIRST/LAST of a thing determines perfect control or power. Therefore 11pm-1am and 12noon must be taken with the FORCE OF PRAYER for a successful life.

1.      You only have ONE DAY (24 HOURS) daily and your ability to dominate time per day determines your success.    

2.      Think about what should have power or dominion over you. Even if you find any, it is not correct because God has created you to HAVE DOMINION OVER ALL THINGS.
3.      The time to dominate the day and everything including the effectiveness of your words and water in your body is 11pm-1am and 12noon. So it depends on how you use it to determine your life and day.  
4.      If you use the time (11pm-1am and 12noon) to sleep/silent, you are determining to be in poverty, diseases and you may die against your wish.
5.      If you are alive by the time, you determine your life: health and success or prosperity daily. YOU WILL DESTROY ALL EVIL; YOU WILL SUCCEED BETTER.
6.     If you speak (invest the power of creation or force of life) at the RIGHT TIME OF DOMINION, you will NEVER LOSE. 

Healing Miracle Power of God
Take some water (1itter or more) by the time in the night and day. Use warm or normal temperature water. Get the following result:
·         Cure to all Diseases: Symptoms will disappear.
·         Stop Ageing and live above 100years 
·         Break Deadly Addictions
·         Brain Boost Mechanism
·         Immune Boost/Defense,
·         Energy & Vitality,
·         Digestive/Nutrition Health,
·         Bone Health
·         Personal Structural and Social Security System
·         Eliminating Hunger and Poverty
·         Medication will work for you better

TEST and YOU will TESTIFY. God works with the power of nature to heal and protect. He used sand and water to heal a man. You eat to be healthy. That is nature. TRY THIS and TESTIFY in 3Days.

Your specific prayer is to plead the Blood of Jesus Christ upon yourself, time/date, country or nation at the specific times (hours). It is not compory to stay for 2hours 11pm-1am in the night but you can begin by 11:45pm-12:15am

PRAY AT ALL TIMES:  You can pray at all other times but God has revealed the most effective time to pray FIRST and to make your WORDS powerful with the universe. Let us gather to God first in prayers.

Others Uses of the Time
1.     Perfect way to praise God; King David did so daily even though he was king/president (Psalm 119:62.(KJV)
2.     It is the Perfect way to Worship God; Jesus Christ commanded everyone to pray by the time even 12noon everyday forever: (John 4:6, 21-23).
3.     It is the Perfect way of Prayer and Lifestyle; King David did so for His voice to be heard (Psalm 55:16-17). And God delivered him.
4.     Example of the Master: Jesus did so daily and during the Transfiguration, Surrender/capture, Crucifixion and Resurrection Etc at the same time. See Luke 21:37, Acts 1:1. John 19:13
5.     The Holy Ghost: Came and if effective daily with those who obey: Acts 2:1-4,14-15.  
6.     Everlasting Success with God: Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Elijah, James, John, Peter, the early disciples etc used it individually and collectively to succeed and decree God’s judgment and Justice.
7.     Israelites used it to come out of slavery and death: See Exodus 12
8.     The Jews in Shushan with Mordecai and Esther used it to destroy the Religious Cleansing plan of Haman: See the Book of Esther

-         START TODAY- Pray by the time daily and as much as you can; don’t wait until that date. Wait for no man.
-         PRINT, PUBLISH AND DISTRIBUTE this to all peace loving people in the Churches and outside.
This is God’s mercy sufficient for ever.
God is not interested or planning and neither has He planned to do anything without you being involved or without you benefiting.
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