Lies about Heaven, New World and Eternity

1.      If this world will end, will there be another world (new heaven and earth) like this one?
2.      Can those in this world see another or move to the next world without tasting death or must they all die?
3.      The world that ended through Noah, is it a different world from this one? 
4.      If yes, from the above, were there children at the end of the last world before this particular world begun?
5.      If yes to the above, what happened to them- I mean the children?
6.      If you say there were no children above, would you say no one was having children then even though they were getting married?  Remember that the scripture says that at the time of Noah (they never listened but they were getting married and so also will the coming of the son of man be).
7.      So If they were getting married as it is now, then certainly they were having children. But what happened to the innocent children? I did not see them or their children in the Ark.
8.      If Noah was given 120years to finish the Ark, were people not prospering at that time? If not, why not?

9.      Why did Noah’s children (Japheth, Shem and Ham) never had children all through that time even though they were all married? Were they barren?
10.  Why did Jesus say ‘woe to them that have suckling (children) at the end time? 
11.  Why will some people especially pastors never believe that the church of God is more effective by the time for everyone to gather to God first rather than gathering in buildings at different times or at their convince?
12.  If they will be a New World (new heaven and new earth) whatever you call it, will there be marriages in that world?
13.  What is the difference between heaven and the New World?
14.  What is the mode of translation into the Heaven and the New World? Are there different? There was ARK then used to move into this world…what about now?
15.  It is possible for this world to end any time soon?
16.  Is it possible for a person not to die and see heaven or the New World?
17.  No matter how Noah’s wife and Children was, do you know what would have happened to them if they refused to hear (follow the instructions of) Noah to use the Ark? Are you feeling too good as a Christian not to follow the instruction of God because you say ‘He is merciful’?
18.  If there would be a new world, is there any different instruction to obey or qualification to attain other than just ‘confessing and believing’ that Jesus Christ is Lord?
19.  What church is the most important church to attend; that made by God using the time or the ones you agree together with some people at a particular time or city? See Acts 17:24-25.
20.  The End time which has begun in earnest permits escape and by the grace of God, the time ordnance is being revealed as the escape route and that is why it is termed ‘the Invisible Ark of God’  

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