New World Order

Right now the world is running towards a New World Order by which many say ‘there shall be one military, government and religion etc.

But this is exactly what is being talked about ‘a unified leadership system by which minds are empowered together in unity and peace.

This is the United World of Nations and the United World Society which we are building and all those who align shall be in:

-          Complete Security and Protection of the Universe
-          Perfect Health
-          Prosperity of Mind and Soul
-          Universal Leadership  

This can only be Received and activated FREELY by anyone from any part of the world through the Universal System of Well-Being and Life Insurance.

We are working with individuals, organizations (cooperate or faith based), agencies, governments, and nations to enrich and restore the world. 

How Does the United World of Nation Works? 
1. People stay (individually) together in every nation from their various locations (homes/offices)  athe the same time (11pm-1am) and 12noon.

2. At time, they use it to ORDER the UNIVERSE, and MAY DRINK some water for COMPLETE HEALTH RECOVERY.  Christian and Other religions people use it for effective prayers. 

3. The time is the Universal Dominion TIME and effective with everyone and everything. Even Animals obey this time why not man who is the leader of creation?

‘Is it really true that the most important things of life are free? You may say so, but your knowledge/commitment is needed to experience and enjoy them.  

Be a part of this- let us rule the world. This is the original design.

See more about the TIME- Click HERE

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