Pray as God Demands

If you really want to have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying to God and commanding the universe between 11pm-12am-1am and 12noon daily or as much as you can- THIS IS WHAT GOD DEMANDS FROM YOU. You must not pray for 2 hours (11pm-1am), at night but pray at least 11:45pm-12:15am and at 12 noon. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf, destroy evil plans and you will have your peace.   This is a merciful secret of God. If you want new success, do something changeably new- Start praying by the TIME Daily.    


You can pray at all other times and if you like pray all day but God has revealed the most effective time to pray FIRST and to make your WORDS powerful with heaven/earth at any other time See (Psalms 32:6, John 4:6,23kjv) .
If you don’t use King James Version you may not understand the above verses because some good fellows in their right mind have twisted those verses away from the original meaning.

King David speaking by Psalm 32 says God has chosen a TIME that you (being godly) should pray (call) to Him if not when challenges (great floods of water come), your voice will be heard or else you may say ‘where is God’ because He says ---‘you may not come near Him’.
And then the Gospel of John talks about when Jesus positioned Himself near the well of water by 11:30am (being about the sixth hour or 30mins to 12noon).
He spoke to the woman until it was 12noon and said…’the hour of 12noon will always come (i.e cometh) and NOW IT HAS COME…as the time (when) true worshipers will worship the Father for the FATHER IS SEEKING SUCH WORSHIPPERS.
So today and daily, God is seeking those who understand the TIME to worship God or pray to God- obey God as demanded for their own good.
-Launch yourself in this and be God’s miracle- If not for prayers, how do you think you can really survive and now praying @the right time is the best that can happen to you.

God will not tell you to do what should not benefit you............

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