Pray Nigeria

By this, Nigeria’s greatness is the worlds’ greatness. Arising from the revelation of the time and times in God for effective prayers and exploit, a nine (9) months time redemption prayers strategy has been ordered in unity for all Christians and peace loving people in the power of God for total destruction of the powers of evil against Nigeria and to activate and enforce divine intervention. 

This will launch Nigeria into the modernity of leading to world to the next age of development because all over the world, this wisdom of God is needed; by all Christians and peace loving people who should come to God simply by praying by the time for divine intervention. There is no one who calls to God rightly as ordained that would not be encountered by Him. 

God respects and uses laid down principles for mankind to rule the world so this must not be underrated for any reason whatsoever. And every good hearted and spirited person should join faith to activate the power of God as well as to partake in and be established in the blessing. 

This is why we are publishing PRAY NIGERIA to tell everyone to stay by the time in prayers to God irrespective of denomination or church membership with the goal of building at least ten million Nigerians praying daily. The grand finale of the gathering of all good people in Nigeria is set at 31st December 2018- 1st January 2019 as instructed by God Almighty. On this day you and everyone who desires God mighty intervention in all things and for the powers of evil to be completely destroyed and visible should stay by the time and pleasing the Blood of Jesus Christ on yourself, city and Country. 

By this, the replication of the power of God by which the Israelites were delivered from Egypt will is experienced because this was the same way they did it. You are advised not to miss this day and to encourage others to obey. This is how it was also done in unity by the entire Jews in the Kingdom of Ahasuerus by which the evil plot of Haman was dismantled and the people were established in prosperity with some effortless repentance. Therefore by this, expect and enjoy maximum cooperation of heaven and earth in your favour daily. During this time, you should publish this to all churches and to family members for strict compliance to the glory of God. As far as you use the time, God will encounter you.

Support the Gospel

You will need to contribute in the publication of this grace and wisdom of God to save as many people as possible. God did not give the angels charge to publish the message of the salvation to all nations or to save souls with the knowledge and power of God but to you- the believer. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of salvation. Supporting this wisdom and mission of teaching people to pray by the time is an opportunity to invest in the saving power Kingdom of God to all Nations. And it is the promise of God that whatever you give up (invest) in the publication of this will be multiplied to you in hundredfold in this world and in the next. God has never lied and He will never lie.  

Evangelizing the World

I am looking for those who will join all forces available to evangelize Nigeria and the entire world with this power of God to save and to deliver mankind out of the current slavery and global destruction. This is because all those who use the time in God shall be saved, safe and delivered. It is not time to build mighty churches or pursue all kinds of selfish agenda or self aggrandizement but the time to do everything possible to obey and to teach people far or near how to worship God effectively and to be blessed by the time. Praying by the time is the supernatural service to heaven and to the earth and all that is within it.

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