The Big Question of the Time (2)

What element in life should a person take charge of in order to be completely secured and to prosper or succeed in all areas of life PER DAY or that would GUARANTEE his/her success. 
Clue (1): This element can be found everywhere and a person should be able to use it consciously and accurately. 
Clue (2): Everyone has the same amount of this element available to him/her daily

Option: (1) Money (Does Everyone has equal money? I hope you say no!)
Option:       (2) Plants and Animals (Everyone has equal plants and animal allocated to them? Someone say no!)
Option:       (3) Schools and Education (Everyone has equal schooling, education and certificates? I am sure not!)
Option:       (4) People: Friends and Family or colleagues or give or receive assistances (Not at all)
Option:       (5) Time (a day or 12hours) in every land, country/nation?

 The Answer is correct as ‘Time’. Yes Time: But what about time?


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