The Power of You-Mankind

You should be the leader of the world above all things. And as a person (human being), you are God’s most precious power and should be the leader of all creation; yes all creation should submit to you as much as they would submit to God.

If anything (be it disease, evil) overpowers you against your will then it is not actually God’s will for you as you may soon discover. This means that you should rule over all things as God wants and this can only be done through knowledge and principle on how to effectively combine or apply the powers or functions of nature by time or at all times.
This should also explain to you why the universe has laid down principles which if obeyed or disobeyed, the result or outcome should become a reality as much as possible.

Human beings are so power that they can contend with nature to do and undo. This power is not just about a person’s determination because many people have been so determined by could not hold on; so it is all and really about understanding the powers or functions of the universal elements and putting them to work.

So the universe is not more powerful than you but with you and is positioned and designed to help you succeed.

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