The Universal System of Power and Dominion

The universal time of dominion and exercise of leadership power over the universe is between 11pm-1am and 12 noon Daily.  See the diagram. This means that you should be alive in any land by the time daily if you desire that the Universe should work perfectly for you. 

  You only have ONE DAY (24 HOURS) daily and your ability to dominate time per day determines your success.    
2.     No evil can have power over you if you know and use the time for dominion.
3.     The time to dominate the day and everything including the effectiveness of your prayers is 11pm-1am and 12noon. So it depends on how you use it to determine your life and day and success.  
4.     If you use the time (11pm-1am and 12noon) to sleep/silent, you are determining to be in poverty, diseases and you may die against your wish.
5.     If you are alive by the time, you determine your life: health and success or prosperity daily. YOU WILL DESTROY ALL EVIL; YOU WILL SUCCEED BETTER.

6.    If you speak (invest the power of creation or force of life) at the RIGHT TIME OF DOMINION, you will NEVER LOSE. 

!2 Noon is the beginning of  night and darkness though unseen (it is spiritual). Since your words are spirits with the ability to create, you should speak at the 12noon exactly to remove such darkness from your life and endeavours.

If you use the time as being exposed- not even a nuclear bomb can affect you and no natural disaster can kill you except when you decided to die. This is because you are a leader of the universe staying by the time to order it.

It is this simple and powerful- enjoy life in complete security and success.
More advantage is that the universe or wherever you are will work perfectly for you.     

See the RELIGION of the TIME in the Bible or other Holy Books 

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