Why use Allocated Time in Prayers

This is an ongoing conversation between me and a man of God whom I had read from and sent words to with respect to the prayers by the time instituted by God Almighty.

My Message to him"

"I have seen and read one of your publications March/April 2016 topic: 'Reflection 1'-  and it is very interesting instructing about intercessory job of prayer for all and not for selected people of the church. This is good. thank you-    I have attached to this a supporting view and revelation of God's time for prayer for all peace loving people and for the church. It is greatly revealing. Please find time to access and let me have your thoughts." Daniel Oketa

His reply:
"Your praying to time has been studied. I know you may have got some revelation about this. The Bible talks about prayer watches of night and day. Your concept of the time segment for prayers looks a little different from that. What's your comments on that? What is your attachment to the 11pm and 12noon hours? You talked about December 31st  and 1st January 2019. What did the Lord say about those dates. Please would kindly comment on these areas for better understanding. Sorry for the late response due to other commitments"

My further Reply:

"Dear sir, thank you so much for giving attention and for a great response. Please see this reply as possible answer(s) to your observation and questions.
For the 12 noon:
1.     Clearing Spiritual Darkness: The 12noon begins a SPIRITUAL DARKNESS against everyone daily (Job 5:14, Psalms 91- 5-6)
a.     It is God’s to give us dominion over the day and opportunity to act as universal leaders over our lives and the universe. See Isaiah 45:7  
b.     And it demand your WORDS BY THE BLOOD to introduce light/life upon your way/life (Mathew 27:45-46, John 19:34, Acts 10:9-13)
2.     It is a judgment hour as well: and that is why the Master Jesus was ‘judged’ and given up at that hour (12noon) See John 19:13

3.      Prayer and worship to God: This was why Jesus spoke to the woman of Samaria from about (11:30am), which is recorded as about the sixth hour (John 4:6), and saying thereon that ‘the Hour is coming’ (which is 12noon) and which will always come every day that true worships should worship God because that is WHEN (by the TIME or HOUR) daily God is SEEKING or SEEKETH (continue to seek) true worshipers in truth-by the revelation and in spirit believing that God is live and life with them; (John 4:23-24)

The 11th Hour
The eleventh hour is actually the last hour of the night (12noon/pm-11pm) and also the last hour of the Day (24 hours).
·        You may come to see that PM is called evening. Therefore existing from the last hour of the day (11pm) –to the first hour 12am (morning) is the key of God’s time.
·        This means that this was or is the TIME OF CREATION and that is why God simply said He created the universe BY THE EVENING and THE MORNING in the 1-6days after which He rested.
·        It is by the evening-to-the morning and 12noon existence in prayers that David- being a King or president of Israel Nation used and captured saying ‘EVENING-MORNING and NOON, I will Pray and God shall here my voice for deliverance’ ( Psalm 55:17-18)
31st December- 1st January 2019
God has revealed by the word that we should use this day/date as a transition and as a national gathering throughout Nigeria:
·        That before this date, this understanding/instruction should be published to all the churches and congregations and people of God for them to be prepared and obey the ordinance of prayers strictly by the time in question.
·        That there shall be great miracles and intervention of God on this day as much as desired and possible with God
·        That all evil plans against Nigeria and the people of God shall be destroyed by a clear divine manifestation.

The above is why we are making this into a newsletter (attached) for the publication.
Please sir- seethe attached as more elaborate and ready to be printed Manual for more. The diagram of the time in the attached may also explain the time better

I will be very glad to hear from you again, please.
Thank you sir." 

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Do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of salvation. Supporting this wisdom and mission of teaching people to pray by the time is an opportunity to invest in the saving power Kingdom of God to all Nations.

And it is the promise of God that whatever you give up (invest) in the publication of this will be multiplied to you in hundredfold in this world and in the next. God has never lied and He will never lie; Mark 10:28-31.

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Daniel Oketa

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