Praising God by Obedience

As far as you are walking by the time or using it to pray as revealed and instructed by God, heaven and earth will hear and obey your voice because you are obeying and praising God. 

When you obey God’s word or instruction, it is an automatic praise and worship.  This is why it is written in double wise saying:  

“In God will I praise [his] word: in the LORD will I praise [his] word.” (KJV) Psalm 56:10

So also King David staying by the time says ‘the time I praise God is by the midnight and The Master Jesus says ‘the noon hour is the time that God is seeking true worshiper to worship Him in truth and spirit’- in the Gospel of John.  And to be delivered from prison, Peter was prayed for at that midnight and God did wonders. 

Even though they were beaten ‘blue & black’ Paul and Silas stayed up praying and praising by the midnight and recorded tremendous miracle of all ages.  Therefore, no challenge should stop you no matter how huge it may look and you should be rest assured that you are praising God by obeying Him to use the time in praying and it is for your greatness and divine help/intervention.

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