Prayer and Dominion Time

There is time for everything so also there is an ordained time for daily prayers completely founded by Almighty God in the Holy Bible for your use and success.
You may not pray because you fear evil since there is a hope in death. But pray because it is your RIGHT and DUTY to pray and to pray according to GOD’S WILL AND PLAN OR TIME.  
Consequently, God has mercifully revealed that we all should use the time (11pm-1am and 12noon) for prayers daily to gather unto Him in unity and even with a set date of National Deliverance and for the destruction of evil plans.
And if you really want to have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying as God demands (and not as you may want) and commanding the universe between by the time revealed daily and as much as you can. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf, destroy evil plans and you will have your peace.  

·        God has revealed and commanded that we use this day in Unity Prayers of the TIME REDEMPTION from all our locations.
·        That by 11pm, 12midnight, 1am and 12noon, you should plead the Blood of Jesus Christ on Nigeria, yourself, city/land/state, and on this date. This is the unique difference of this day from the normal crossover service.
·        You should Stand/stay by the time and obey from all your locations being at home, work, or inside a church. 
·        That there shall be diverse numerous miracles and Interventions of God in you and in Nigeria. By this, Nigeria will lead the world and have good leadership.
·        That everyone sponsoring evil will be dismantled or changed to do God’s will. All TYPES OF EVIL PLANS shall be destroyed.
·        JUST DO YOUR PART: Pray daily by the time and also do so faithfully on God’s appointed date (31st December 2018- 1st Jan 2019) in unity.  Use the time especially the night for daily devotion.
·        That it is a DUTY AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO PRAY according to God’s instructions.

Therefore if you are sleeping over the time, you should be angry with yourself. This is because you are NOT doing yourself or the nation and the world good. By using the time, you are guaranteed daily intervention of heaven and support of earth and it is because you are redeeming (exchanging) the time from evil to good and by the Blood. Whatever you think of in God can be received because you obey God by obedience to His word. Please pray as God demands to survive and escape the current global calamites.

Daniel Oketa
Call/chat/text: +234 70 37 38 48 14

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