The Difference of the set Day of National Deliverance

There is always a day of reckoning and that is a day is set by God in the order of the Time Redemption Prayers and Service in unity. Normally many Christians used to gather in many churches for what is generally known as crossover-night on the set day but the difference is that:

-          The Time redemption principle of pleading the Blood by the set hours (11pm- 12am, 1am and 12noon) should be adhered to by all those who believe.
-          By the top of the hours, everyone is expected to plead the Blood as many times as possible or even seven times on his/herself by name, the country/city and the date.
-          The noon section (12noon) should not be neglected because it is also very important in order to complete the spiritual circle of a day  
-          Although people may gather in their various church locations but everyone can actually obey from any part of the world or location using the same time/hours.
-          As already noted, the two hours of the night (11pm-1am) should be used for study of the Word and praise/worship in any way possible.     

Irrespective of the set date, you should continue to use the time in prayers daily for you to move forward successfully. Many people who have succeeded in various areas of life by regularly using the time in prayers may think that it was their mere effort and knowledge and not really because they obeyed the time; that is actually a wrong notion as their continuous neglect and rejection of the powers often cause them to return to nothing or they begin to stagnate so much. The Lord sends you help by giving you directions on what you should do. And now you have the instruction; obey and support the Gospel for your own good.

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