The Law and the Time

For some Christians, upon hearing the matter of praying by the set time may say ‘oh- that’s the law; I am saved by and I live by grace and not by law’. Others may respond likewise saying ‘I can pray at all times I want and God has no restriction’ Etc. These and other objections against the time are treated in this course and exposition with scriptural references; therefore come along. But to add a bit about the law and the time is that you may know that most Christians often refer to ‘the law’ as:

1.      The ten commandments and its implicative consequences
2.      The law of circumcision
3.      The various laws or adjudications of Moses to the people with strict repercussions or without forgiveness.  
It is true that there is no need for circumcision and the fact is that grace is evident to do away with such and to forgive wrongs but grace is also instructive (showing you what to do; to avoid unrighteousness and how to obey righteous orders). So it is graceful for you to know the time in the first place and in order to obey. 

And it is by grace that you should obey and that is to say, just men obey laws (through grace). So it does not stop you from praying when you want or feel like but it is graceful that you obey God as He demands for your own success and triumph. 

It is by faith in Christ Jesus that we are all made children of God because we heard and obeyed; so also it is by faith that we should pray by the time revealed through the word of God because faith comes by hearing and hearing or obeying by the word of God        

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