The Process of Great Change in Nigeria

Let us offer selfless service in the Time Redemption Prayer daily and collectively on the set day of National Deliverance and have a peaceful election to vote good people as leaders for all round divine interventions of God Almighty.

·         Selfishness will kill a man and leave him with nothing but selflessness commitment and sacrifice to a course of humanity will honour a man forever. 
·         Be angry and ashamed to die if you have not won a victory for humanity or creation but seeking selfish gains.
·         Don’t let me say that the highest set of selfish and most divided people are those who called themselves Christians. This may simply be because of ignorance and not pure wickedness or evil heart. But the challenge is that some foolishness may quickly amount to wickedness or become inseparable.  
·         You are specially called to join the course of enforcing the rule of God in Nigeria and where you are by the daily Time Redemption Prayers.  

·         The Time Redemption Prayers is what we are publishing through PRAY NIGERIA as a daily system of unity prayers and for divine intervention of God in all things.
·         It should be clear to everyone that the solution Nigeria needs is a divine.
·         Therefore God has revealed the Dominion time (11pm-1am and 12noon) by which we should offer the Time Redemption Prayers daily in unity as our responsibility to course God’s intervention daily.
·         To this effect, a National Day of Deliverance has been set by which all Christians should gather in their respective locations or churches to pray using the holy principles of the Time Redemption.   

31st December 2018- 1st   January 2019
·         God has revealed and commanded that we use this day in Unity Prayers of the TIME REDEMPTION from all our locations.
·         That by 11pm, 12midnight, 1am and 12noon, you should plead the Blood of Jesus Christ on Nigeria, yourself, city/land/state, and on this date. This is the unique difference of this day from the normal crossover service.
·         You should Stand/stay by the time and obey from all your locations being at home, work, or inside a church. 
·         That there shall be diverse numerous miracles and Interventions of God in you and in Nigeria. By this, Nigeria will lead the world and have good leadership.
·         That everyone sponsoring evil will be dismantled or changed to do God’s will. All TYPES OF EVIL PLANS shall be destroyed.
·         JUST DO YOUR PART: Pray daily by the time and also do so faithfully on God’s appointed date (31st December 2018- 1st Jan 2019) in unity.  Use the time especially the night for daily devotion.
·         That it is a DUTY AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO PRAY according to God’s instructions.
Therefore if you are sleeping over the time, you should be angry with yourself. This is because you are NOT doing yourself or the nation and the world good. By using the time, you are guaranteed daily intervention of heaven and support of earth and it is because you are redeeming (exchanging) the time from evil to good and by the Blood. Whatever you think of in God can be received because you obey God by obedience to His word. Please pray as God demands to survive and escape the current global calamites. Consider the Diagram below:

·         You may not be able to make any serious change WITH JUST YOUR PVC. This is a fact.
·         For example, will you vote where there are crises or with your life on the line? The right answer is no!
·         Therefore, being alive is good; having your PVC is better but praying by the right time to activate God’s miracles is the best for evil forces to be destroyed and for a peaceful election.

·         We need safety, peace and to vote right- based on good personalities and not by political party affiliation.   

·         We are the watchers-in-service-elect (WISE) to adjudicate in the stead of God and it is a  great privilege of grace.

·         Those we shall vote for should be a user or partaker of the grace in the Time Redemption Prayers.

This is the grace of God and you should know that the grace of God is not abstract but reveals to a man the instructions he should follow to receive divine interventions or to make things right. This is the grace of God to you.

Praying by the time (The Time Redemption Prayers) and showing or publishing same to others require selflessness commitment and sacrifice

Congratulations in Advance
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