The Time of Prayers set by God

There is time for everything- so also there is an ordained time for prayer and even fasting completely founded in Almighty God for your success. It is the revealed instruction and structure of God’s time (the evening and the morning) for you to pray and to receive divine intervention. Hence:

THE EVENING is (12noon/pm- 11:59pm, i.e. 12noon is the first hour of the night, while 11pm is the last hour of the night).
THE MORNING is (12am-11:59am) (12am is the first hour of the day, while 11am is the last hour of the day or morning)

Getting hold of the FIRST/LAST part of a thing determines its perfect control or power. Therefore 11pm-1am and 12noon must be taken with the FORCE OF PRAYER for a successful life. It is the to stand against evil and your mistakes, mistake of others against you and to enthrone good in your life or affairs. Know that you have ONE DAY (24 HOURS) daily and your ability to dominate time per day determines your success.  The time to dominate the universe daily and everything including the effectiveness of your prayers is by the time. So it depends on how you use it to determine your life and day and success.  If you use the dominion time to sleep/silent, you are determining to be in poverty, diseases and you may die against your wish. If you are alive by the time, you determine your life: health and success or prosperity daily with God. You also will also succeed better. So if you speak (invest the power of creation or force of life) at the right time of dominion, you will never lose and no evil can have power over you because you know and use the time for dominion in God. Therefore the followings should expose the time in usage according the scripture:

1.      Creating the Universe: God used the time systematically called the Evening and the morning to create the entire world and through which He created time (day/night) first and man last on the sixth day before He rested on the seventh. Can’t you now see why the last creation (man) is used to order the first (time) or vice versa? So this is how to create your own world or to rule the world with God.
2.      It is the Perfect way to praise God; this is why King David did so praising God daily even though he was king/president as recorded in the psalms when he said ‘at midnight I will rise to praise God because of His righteous judgment’. 

3.      It is the Perfect way to Worship God; No wonder, Jesus Christ commanded everyone to pray by the time even at 12noon everyday forever through the conversation with the woman of Samaria by the well of Jacob. He said it is the hour that God is always seeking true worshipers to worship Him in true and in spirit.

4.      It is the Perfect way of Prayer and Lifestyle; For King David to be heard in the heights heaven, he did so as recorded in the Palms when he wrote saying:  As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me. Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice

5.      The Master did so: Jesus use the time daily and was recorded to be true during the selection of the Twelve, Transfiguration, Surrender/capture, Crucifixion and Resurrection Etc by the time. The scripture says: He came to show the way- so He began to do and to teach what He does to succeed.

6.      Generational Mistake: Not Praying by the right time chosen by God in unity is the mistake of the whole Christians worldwide that permits evil. The scripture recorded that there is a set time to pray that God has designed to be found by righteous people. This many have missed over a long time and have made them fall into diverse temptations and evil. In one part the scripture says ‘it is because they have broken the everlasting covenant, changed the ordinance and transgressed the law’ which invariably He is referring to the knowledge and understanding of praying by the time as the law of faith.      

7.      The Advert of the Holy Ghost: It is on record that the power of the Holy Ghost came on the Pentecost Day and is effective daily with those who obey or stay up with God by the time.  
8.      Everlasting Success with God:  All those who succeeded with God have used the time knowingly or unknowingly. For example, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, James, John, Peter, the early disciples etc used it individually and collectively to succeed and transfer their blessings with God’s judgment and Justice.
9.      Clearing Spiritual Darkness: The 12noon begins a spiritual darkness against everyone daily in every land. And it demands your words by the blood to introduce light/life upon your way/life. This was why as far as Jesus refused to speak by the noon hour being on the cross, darkness was permitted and was only removed until He called unto God at the same time which He was pierced and blood/water gushed out of His side to touch the earth.  
10.  Israelites used it to come out of slavery and death: This was when God made this a FOREVER COVENANT of prayers, service in faith, grace and love.
11.  The Jews in Shushan with Mordecai and Esther used it to destroy the Religious Cleansing plan of Haman.

I have said and would repeat that God would not tell you or reveal to you to do what you should not benefit you neither will He show you what you cannot do or obey. And to maximize the time, change your time of devotion; studying of the scripture from any other time e.g 5am or 9pm to the right time of prayers daily wherever you may be. 

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