Nigeria is World Power by 2019

A greater New Nigeria shall officially begin on the 1st January 2019 marked with diverse miracles as the Lord God has revealed that it is time for the glorification of Nigeria as a country and for you to partake in the greatness of the times such that:   

1.      Nigeria will be the leading nation of the world and through her many will believe in God;
2.      Nigeria will be greatly prosperous; the dreams of many shall be fulfilled;
3.      Nigeria will experience unexplainable peace and unity plus good leadership while evil leaders shall be shut out.
4.      Many people will seek to invest in and come to live in Nigeria;
5.      Many will say Nigeria has replaced Israel in the consign of advance glory and all types of miracles of God; including all levels of healing and restoration of health;
6.      Many will say Nigeria has replaced United States of America as world power in might and honour through God Almighty;
7.      Nigeria will mediate world peace and it shall stand.

10 Things You Should Know About God’s Time and About Time in the Holy Bible

Being proven from the scripture, the Holy Bible, the following have been discovered about God’s Time for prayers/worship for divine intervention, success, justice and judgment etc. This we have referred to as the Time Redemption Prayers.
1.       That there is a definite time (hours) in the day which is between 11pm-1am (night) and 12noon (Day) that God has set for prayers, worship and service for mankind and even the faithful e; see , Psalms 32:6, John 4:6,19-24, Exodus 12: 12-14, 25-26.

Let us Look Inwards Cooperatively

The Lion is not the fastest, tallest, bravest, or biggest animal in the jungle but dominates all others. Why? It is because they use the same system in all their divisions. Yes they have divisions or groups which may be headed by one of them usually a male. 
In the same vein, we may be in different churches or ministry but let us use the Time Redemption Prayer as it is the revelation of God by the word tested and proven by realities in the lives of many people scripturally and contemporary with us.

Contact us to help distribute/publish the Time Redemption and Day of National of Deliverance

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The Revolutionary Health and Healing System of God

Knowledge is power to do and undo things of need or desire. Therefore God has revealed according to His word Health Revolutionary system through which ALL DISEASES/ILLNESS can be eliminated with 7-21Days of use- See Psalms 67:1-2, and Mathew 10:1 kjv. The instruction for this health recovery/transformation is simply as thus:

Take/drink/ingest 1-2litters of water within the hours of 11pm-1am (night) and 1liter at noon 12noon (daytime).  You need to be awake (not asleep) by these hours. Water is the most important medicine of life and its right time and quantity of intake has been found for miraculous health recovery.  Let the water be normal temperature, warm/hot according to availability but not cold. Do not use cold or refrigerated water. Speak the solution you need to the water at same thing and watch the miracles happen with you.”

This is not only for prevention but for cures against all forms of diseases and illnesses: Diabetes, all types Cancer, Stroke, all types of Infections, Low Sperm Count, Blood Shortage, Eye problems, Chronic menstrual pain or disorders, Brain disorders, Internal Heat, Infertility, overweight/obesity, Typhoid/malaria, Asthma, Tuberculosis  Kidney diseases, All bone/joint problems, High Blood Pressure, Hepatitis,  pile, and all known and unknown Diseases; to stop Ageing and live above 100years; Break Deadly Addictions; Brain Boost Mechanism; Immune Boost/Defense; Energy & Vitality; Digestive/Nutrition Health; Bone Health etc. God has done everything. Now and daily, He is showing or revealing to those who seek to know how things work and what they should do to connect to the successes and greatness of life. This is it exactly.  


Try it without the supplement and you will see great changes.

Magnificent Churches Building

Now magnificent buildings are not what the churches need to show God's glory, to pray better or to triumph against evil. Even if you don't like the stature of a man who has the right principles, listen to him or obey him. When Jesus said ‘labour for the power of God and everlasting life, there were some people who asked Him what they needed to do and it is written that He replied them saying:

“….this is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent” KJV) John 6:28-29

You may not like where I am come from or how I look but certainly I am sent and I have given you the message; the message of the end time salvation of God. So I beg you to build yourself and other in God by this and not buildings as the scripture rightly said: 


This is a little of what a few people have shared about using the time for universal dominion, success, security and health recovery. For some people, their family members never believed until they began to see the real change for good.

The Time Redemption Prayers for Urgent Divine Intervention

The Time Redemption Prayers (TRP) is God’s revelation of the unity structure of Christians in Prayers in any country and all over the world for massive divine intervention. It reveals a specific time by which a unity prayer should be held by all children of God irrespective of their locations. The time is between 11pm-1am by night and at 12noon by day daily. 

It is God’s power to help mankind destroy evil and it is man’s selfless and sacrificial work of faith to pray by the Time Redemption principle. 

You may not pray because you fear evil since there is a hope in death. But pray because it is your RIGHT and DUTY to pray and to pray according to GOD’S WILL AND PLAN OR TIME.

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