10 Things You Should Know About God’s Time and About Time in the Holy Bible

Being proven from the scripture, the Holy Bible, the following have been discovered about God’s Time for prayers/worship for divine intervention, success, justice and judgment etc. This we have referred to as the Time Redemption Prayers.
1.       That there is a definite time (hours) in the day which is between 11pm-1am (night) and 12noon (Day) that God has set for prayers, worship and service for mankind and even the faithful e; see , Psalms 32:6, John 4:6,19-24, Exodus 12: 12-14, 25-26.

2.       That the first creation is time (day/night-24hours) and the last creation is mankind on the six day and God rested on the seventh day. The last should be used to order the first or vise versa. Genesis 1:1-5, 26-33
3.       That the time in question may be God’s time and serves as Gods everlasting covenant of worship and service with mankind in all times or generations and in all things. See Jeremiah 34:20-21. 26-27, Exodus 12:1-14, Galatians 3:13-17.   
4.       That Jesus used the time effectively throughout the earthly ministry even the conception (the angelic encounter) with Mary and the birth; for prayer/fasting; transfiguration; arrest, public judgment; crucifixion and resurrection.  See Luke 22: 39-46, John 19:13,14
5.       It is also the time (the night hours 11am-1am) that the coming of the Holy Ghost upon the earth was made effective starting with the earl disciples in the Upper Room.
6.       Praying by the time is being exposed and is known otherwise as the Time Redemption and watching. See Ephesians 5:14-17, 1Thessalonians 5:5-7, Colossians 4:5.
7.        It is the throne or altar of God or the secret place of God; psalm 91:1, Isaiah 66:1, Acts 17:24-25 Psalms  75:6,
8.       That all the people that succeeded with God and established the blessing of God in their lives used the time in question especially some like Abraham, Jacob, Moses, King David, Paul, Peter, John James and even spoke of it.  See Luke 21:37, Acts 10:9-13, 16:25-34, Psalms 55:16-18, 119:62,  
9.        That using the time in prayers (watching) is the only way revealed in Christ to survive the great tribulation and to have power over death. John 8:51, Revelations 7:11-17,
10.   That using the time in prayers and worship irrespective of calling or ministry is the unity of the Church and children of God nationwide and worldwide- Ephesians 4:11-15, John 17:20-23.
11.   That it is the time of creativity through spoken word by God. God created the universe using the time (evening and the morning). And has asked us to walk in His likeness haven being made in His image. Gen 1:5,13, 26.

Worship means service. Worshipping or reverencing God is not purely about singing, kneeling down, clapping or prostrating but to keenly obey God’s instruction. So worship means reverence to God through obedience to His word. Just as you don’t wear clothes only because you feel naked but it is your moral duty to be covered. Consequently, in similar vein, you don’t pray even by the time because you feel there is or there may be challenges but because, it is God’s commandments and it is your responsibility to pray alright and as at when demanded.  At often times successful people suffers, allow or experiences certain weaknesses as a sign of perseverance in order to succeed.  

Everything works effectively on the premise of TIME:
1.       The pregnant woman endures better knowing it is nine months (TIME)
2.       The government systems are structures by terms (2 terms for the executives)
3.       God works with and by time. (see more later)
Innovation and creativity do not necessarily mean creating or inventing new things but finding better or new use to things already in existence. IN GOD, WE HAVE FOUND BETTER USE FOR THE TIME.
#Be wise with God on Time
#Be wise on time with God

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