Introduction to the Universal Leadership System

We have based our discovery and institution on the creativity and innovative use of time to achieve universal leadership and training. We believe that a personal should be alive or wake and to speak or use some universal elements at certain TIME OR HOURS OF THE DAY to guaranteeing life and success in: Morality and Character; Discipline and Capacity; Service to Mankind and creation; Business Development; Health and Wellness; Self Leadership and Skills Development; and Spiritualism.
This Universal System of Leadership, Wellbeing and Life Insurance (USL-WLI) is being proving day-by day by virtually all users to be the most effective approach to life and greatness and suitable for human capacity and national development.

The universe obeys PRINCIPLES not English, Latin, Hebrew, Hausa, Idoma etc but you may hear & interpreter in your language(s). Enduring success is knowledge based. Knowledge is a group of secrets and not everyone should know what you know without paying for it knowingly or unknowingly.  

Current Pilot Advocacy/Developing Programs:
-World Bank Group Summit: Unleashing Human Capital
-NYSC Leadership Skills Development

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