Nigeria's Rise to Greatness

This may be a repeat of the great prosperity of Egypt  under the leadership of Pharaoh by which Joseph ‘the dreamer’ administered. A New United Nigeria shall materialize beginning from the 1St Day of January 2019  in glory by which:

1.       Nigeria will be the leading nation of the world and through her many will believe in God;
2.       Nigeria will be greatly prosperous; the dreams of many shall be fulfilled;
3.       Nigeria will experience unexplainable peace and unity plus good leadership while evil powers and leaders shall become powerless.
4.       Many people will seek to invest in and come to live in Nigeria;
5.       Many will say Nigeria has replaced Israel in the consign of advance glory and all types of miracles of God; including all levels of healing and restoration of health;
6.       Many will say Nigeria has replaced United States of America as world power in might and honour through God Almighty;
7.       Nigeria will mediate world peace and it shall stand.

This is why the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment against Evil is set for the same date/night (31-December 2018- 1st January 2019). After the seven years of greatness, there shall be colossal downturn and destruction for about seven years.
Those who fulfill the greater glory or Nigeria shall be greater than others.
All the possibilities of God no matter how huge or miraculous demand a little responsibility of the person who desires such a blessing. 
The responsibility of the person who desires to partake in the greatness of Nigeria and to survive the great downturn is to use the Time Redemption Prayers.

The Time Redemption Prayers is God’s revelation of the time in God for daily prayers, service and worship to God. It is between the hours of 11pm-1am and 12noon daily.

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