Understanding the Operations of the Last Hour and the First Hour of the Day for Dominion and Prayers.

The last hour is called the left hand, and the first the right hand by scriptural revelations. The last hour is the 11th hour and it is the power of the first hour. That means, it is appropriate to start from the left or last unto the right or first. For example in the natural, this is why a vehicle or driver approaching a junction must consider or allow those coming from the left to have right of way first. The following may give us some understanding of the first and last hour of the day with God and with man.  

1.     RIGHT MOVEMENT/ACTION: The right movement or action of daily dominion should be from the left (last) to the right and that is why it is written that:
“And I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand. Ezekiel 39:3
The power of the first is in the last- it is a progressive system. And therefore God is called in symbolism, the First and the Last, The Beginning and The End.

2.     SIGN OF POWER: The first hour signals establishment of power and authority and it is therefore it is written that “Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the right hand of the power of God. Luke 22:69….. you see it is not just right hand of God…but THE RIGHT HAND OF THE POWER OF GOD.

3.     GOD’S SYSTEM OF VISITATION: We have proven by the scripture- the Holy Bible that the symbolism of the left hand is 11pm (the last hour) and that right is 12am (the first hour). And also that you need to start from the left to the first as the right order of operation of daily dominion over the universal dominion. If you have watched carefully, you will see the following recorded

1.     That the visitation of the ten virgins parable was by the ordained time
2.     That when Jesus talked about the coming of God to meet the watchful servants, He mentioned the second watch (9-11pm) and the third watch 12am-2pm. I hope you can see the last and first hours rooted in the above.   

Winding Up
Therefore, if you desire universal dominion, go ahead and obey God’s system of dominion irrespective of your church, denomination etc and you will receive divine visitation. Every day is a new day which deserves and demands your dominion.  

Principles are of God and the knowledge is God's mercy and love to man. The whole world is in deep crises and God has revealed the escape route as the Time Redemption Prayers whihc should be deployed daily. 


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