How to Stop and Prevent Death for 100years and Above through USL-WLI

This is how to stop/prevent death and ensure success for at least the next hundred years. This innovation can help people to prevent death, live healthy and secured, create income and to fulfill life potentials in peace and unity through the use of some universal elements that is available and affordable to you and everyone.
Observably, we have discovered a principle of success or actions by which a person should use regularly to guarantee health/stop ageing, live securely (against all types of harms), create income and also to succeed in other viable ventures. By deploying the USL-WLI, the universe will work better to support you and never to rebel against you in any form of harm or misfortune of the present worldwide developmental challenges.
According to the World Bank Group, “Without investing in human capital, countries cannot sustain economic growth or compete in the global economy”

Stop Death/Remain Healthy and Successful  
They are many evidences of great human and developmental challenges amounting to high mortality rate resulting from diseases, poverty, wrong desires, wars and natural disasters etc.
1.      For example, According to Ecology Global Network, 151,600 people die each day, 6,316 people die each hour, and 105 people die each minute and about 2 people die every second.  (DON’T BE ONE OF THESE for the next hundred 100 years or more.)
2.      Secondly, According to the World Health Organization, the ten leading causes of death(2016) in the world and in low income nations like Nigeria are lower respiratory infection, diarrheal diseases, Ischaemic heart disease, stroke, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes mellitus, Malaria, Preterm birth and birth complications, Tuberculosis and Road traffic accidents. USL-WLI can help to eradicate all these diseases with and/or without drugs and to ameliorate living. 
3.      Our first target country, Nigeria in May 2018 overtook India as the country with the largest number of people (over 87million) living in extreme poverty (less than 1$ a day), according to report by the World Poverty Clock.
By using USL-WLI, these three interwoven challenges can be handled with the speed of light and we have evidences to supporting our claim in the lives of some people using the USL-WLI in Nigeria and around the world.

The Diversified Benefits of using USL-WLI
Consequently, we are giving more insight by the day for the diverse benefits of using USL-WLI such as:
1.      Universally Leadership Success- life/home/work etc
2.      Morality/Character and Emotional Control Intelligence
3.      Money/Profitability
4.      Wealth/Knowledge Creation
5.      Peace and unity
6.      Human and National Transformation
7.       Excellent Spirituality.

Public Sensitization/Knowledge Dissemination and Partnership
We shall be organizing seminars, discussion, notes etc on USL-WLI and success diversity regularly all over the world. We are also building partnership with some organizations both profit and none-profit to advance the USL-WLI. One of such is the Universal Leadership Institute in Abuja and the New York Leadership Institute USA. Team member shall be given opportunity to enroll in training, mentorship and job profiling. We also engage in informal and formal trainings.

1.      A user of USL-WLI
2.      An Volunteer Evaluator of USL-WLI
3.      An Instructor of USL-WLI

The above levels are very important in the mission/success of USL-WLI Team members.  USL-WLI Team member are not only safe, they are saved, protected, entrusted, healthy (or recovering faster) not just because they can say ‘I trust in God’ but because they are obeying the universal principle of success and making the universe work better for them by the Universal System of Leadership,  Wellbeing and Life Insurance.

Additional Available Resources
There are some booklets which shall be delivered to you like
1.      The Procedure and Provision of USL-WLI
2.      Evaluating Some Universal Elements of USL-WLI  
3.      How to Make the Universe work better for you
4.      How to Live Above 100years Healthy, Secured and Successfully.
5.      The Spirituality of the Times and the Time in God.

Your Greater Success
What shall it profit you if you are taken down (killed) even in your line of duty by one or two challenges which you should have overpowered by using the USL-WLI? Many people are dying and have died because ignorance which is the greatest evil against mankind.  USL-WLI knowledge is your most valuable power; therefore take it and use it.

Life may not give you what you deserve unless you ask and receive what you ask for. And what you ask for is what you pay for or take. Therefore take your success by the force of knowledge and obedience to USL-WLI. Take the universe by force daily for your own success.  Those who obey the principle of transformation are transformed. Every day is as crucial as every other day- guard it and be secured in it by using USL-WLI.

Human Capital Development
The world at this stage demand great investment in human capital development which is the foundation of all forms of transformation in both humans and infrastructure for universal development. Human capital is the workforce of yesterday, today and tomorrow through investment in knowledge, idealism and realism
That is what we are advancing as the Universal System of Leadership, Wellbeing and Life Insurance (USL-WLI).
1.      USL-WLI).  innovation can help people to prevent death, live healthy and secured, create income for Human Capital Development for the fulfillment of life potentials in peace and unity through the use of some universal elements that is available to everyone.
2.      USL-WLI is the systematic unity of mankind worldwide from one nation to another in knowledge and power.
3.      USL-WLI is the discovery of the better use of human and material resources.

No matter the universal course are you pursing, please join us here.
Feel free to interact with the group and follow instructions here.
Welcome to the universal course and fight for human and world transformation.    

Lead Consultant of USL-WLI
TFDC Global Group
+234 07037384814, 8089416120

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