How Nigeria will Begin to Lead the World

Nigeria shall arise but first we must arise
The National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment against Evil in Nigeria is the miracle work of God to set Nigeria and Nigerians free from all forms of captivity and evil plans.

Just as darkness does not disappear except by the force of light so also evil does not stop except it is stopped with divine intervention force of faith works. Now we are sure of it; we know our role and the day is coming.

1.      On the night of the national day of divine intervention, specifically and very importantly, evil plans and their sponsors in and outside of government or positions of authority (boko haram, ritualists, herdsmen militia and all those killing human beings for evil )  who refuse to repent and confess before that day shall not survive; they shall be judged with the fire of God while the good people shall triumph and takeover.
2.      There shall be massive healing miracles in Nigeria with all those who seek God; mad people shall be set free effortlessly and many hospitals shall be emptied without anyone attending to them but by the power of the Holy Ghost.
3.      All types of cures; known or imagined shall be broken from the lives of those who serve God;
4.      There shall be great grace and power to the righteous.

That day, the divine mandate for Nigeria’s leadership of the world will commence. The power of God will be so intense and felt in Nigeria such no one and nothing can claim ignorance of it, hide or escape from it. So everyone is implicated.

Full Message of the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria

First of all, Nigeria is destined to lead the world for human and universal transformation and this is the accurate revelation to activate the actualization of the divine mandate in the 21st Century unto the next phase of life.  Therefore, Nigeria shall arise but Nigerians must arise first with the power of God.

Good day to you whoever you are, whatever you are or have achieved and wherever you may be. The peace and grace of God be with you and your family in the Name of Jesus Christ, the resurrected Lord of heaven and earth, Amen.  I, Ijigban Daniel Oketa am a messenger of God and this message is to all peace loving people Nigeria specifically and around the world. I am sent to make an announcement and do not represent any particular church or people under heaven but in the Unity of the Faith and in the love of God and mankind. Surely this message is more important than my name or my location.   

Posterity with judge you based on how you respond to this messages and whether you act on it or not, the day will come and nothing shall stop it.  But know that by this, the deliverance of your family, community or country has been put in your hands.

Special Support and Contribution to the National Day of Divine Intervention (NDDI)

The peace and grace of God continue to be in you and upon you, Amen. 
God has revealed the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria when all evil plans/sponsors/killers shall face the fire of destruction as we use the Time Redemption Prayer in unity-the only solution revealed:-Malachi 4:1-3, John 16:23.

Beloved, let God reward you hundredfold (Mark 10:29-30, Heb 6:10) as you kindly contribute to the publication in cash and kind. Please use TFDC 1015846337 Zenith or call 07037384814. 
Thank you and God bless you more.

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