How Nigeria will Begin to Lead the World

Nigeria shall arise but first we must arise
The National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment against Evil in Nigeria is the miracle work of God to set Nigeria and Nigerians free from all forms of captivity and evil plans.

Just as darkness does not disappear except by the force of light so also evil does not stop except it is stopped with divine intervention force of faith works. Now we are sure of it; we know our role and the day is coming.

1.      On the night of the national day of divine intervention, specifically and very importantly, evil plans and their sponsors in and outside of government or positions of authority (boko haram, ritualists, herdsmen militia and all those killing human beings for evil )  who refuse to repent and confess before that day shall not survive; they shall be judged with the fire of God while the good people shall triumph and takeover.
2.      There shall be massive healing miracles in Nigeria with all those who seek God; mad people shall be set free effortlessly and many hospitals shall be emptied without anyone attending to them but by the power of the Holy Ghost.
3.      All types of cures; known or imagined shall be broken from the lives of those who serve God;
4.      There shall be great grace and power to the righteous.

That day, the divine mandate for Nigeria’s leadership of the world will commence. The power of God will be so intense and felt in Nigeria such no one and nothing can claim ignorance of it, hide or escape from it. So everyone is implicated.

Everyone Is Involved and Implicated
Beloved, it is not a joke and it does not demand anything from you but only to offer yourself in prayer of the Time Redemption right from where you are if you want to stop complaining of evil. That night/day is the Crossover night that is on the 31st December 2018- to the 1st Day of January 2019. It shall be a new beginning for Nigeria and for many people- but it carries a unique responsibility which is the Time Redemption Prayer.


“You should compulsorily STAY UP, AWAKE AND ALIVE  by the hours (11pm 12am and 1am at night and 12noon by the day. You should plead the Blood of Jesus Christ by  the top of hours revealed 11pm, 12am and 1am at least SEVEN TIMES (7) each on yourself, (name), day/date  and Nigeria. For example I cover Nigeria with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Please share and God bless you and reward you and keep you until that day as we see the miracle of God like the deliverance of Israelites from Egypt unto the Promise Land. After that day, we shall have peace like never before and like never before.
It is not everything that one should say…you know.  They are many evil plans in Nigeria on that same day and this is the only solution for Divine intervention revealed right now. Don’t neglect it.
Don’t keep complaining because now you know what to do.
God shall not ARISE. We should ARISE with the National Day of Divine Intervention & Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria.
My Name is Ijigban Daniel Oketa and made bold to say that if it not God who sent me with this revelation then I should be judged for evil today and on that day.  I am a servant of God and this is in the unity of the faith endorsed by the all Christians Association of Nigeria and Faith Organizations. 
Congratulations because God has revealed the solution we to need at this material time for evil to be destroyed and for the restoration of the just.  God has risen, Nigeria shall arise and we must arise. You need to STAND FOR YOUR LIFE- and YOU NEED TO GET PREPARED WITH YOUR FAMILY because the day is very close now; and you are implicated because:
1.       You need divine intervention in your life and family to move further;
2.       We need divine judgment and justice in Nigeria. 
3.       You need peace of God in Nigeria
4.       You need to be among the generation of Nigerians that should lead the world.

Using the Time Redemption Prayer; pleading the Blood on yourself, the day or city/country by the time is to redeem all things including yourself from any evil daily and continuously. Nigeria’s leadership of the world in the glory of God shall begin on the 1st January 2019, if the Time Redemption Prayer is used in unity by the peace loving people and servants of God as evil powers and plans are destroyed. 

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You may not believe but the truth is that God has revealed the solution of Nigeria to us.
It now depends on if or how they use it. It is the National day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria.
Our/Your Responsibility: The Time Redemption Prayer
Hindrance: pride and unbelief
It is written: “Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it. so we see that they were not able to enter, because of their unbelief.”(NIV) Hebrews 4:1,3:19

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Daniel Oketa

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