A Great New Nigeria 1st January 2019

Beloved, God Almighty has heard our cries to liberate Nigeria from the siege of evil and wicked people.
And now it should be very clear with the overwhelming call by many Nigerians in and outside of government positions that what Nigeria urgently needs is divine intervention and judgment against evil in Nigeria.
Therefore, on the CROSSOVER NIGHT (31 Dec -1st January 2019) from your location (homes or worship places) stay up and awake between 11pm - 1am and pray to God earnestly in peace love and unity with all peace loving Nigeria. And God will judge evil in Nigeria but peace shall be established to the righteous: See Malachi 4:1-3,John 16:23 Mathew 18:18-20, Quran 2:90, (Surat al-Ma’ida, 48],
As a peace loving person, you will not neglect this. And truly, a Greater New Nigeria(ns) shall emerge to lead the world to the surprise 🎊 of many people.

This is in unity with CAN, NSCIA , ACWA & OTHERS for the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria.
Please SHARE this to your family and friends and all peace loving Nigerians to stand in judgment and justice for their lives in peace, unity, love and as national service.
The Secret of that day is to use the TIME REDEMPTION PRAYER...
God's Servant and Messenger
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