Beloved, I hope this message meets you in peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is worthy of commendation to note that  all may have been said and done by peace loving people in finding lasting solution to Nigeria. But let truth be said that the situation has worsened and become so horrible even though there may be no need to recount the recent lost of uncountable lives to the orchestrations of evil and their sponsors. I also do not need to over emphasize that what is urgently in need is a higher supernatural intervention of God. There is always a solution to everything just as every lock has the right key. The right key may be small but it should be used according to the right order or instruction. Consequently, God has graciously revealed the right key as the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria using the simple instruction of the Time Redemption Prayer.

The Time Redemption Prayer

On that day, the only but little responsibility of all peace loving Nigerians to witness unprecedented miracles and judgment against evil is the Time Redemption Prayer by the Redemption Time/hours. It is the responsibility of all the faithful; Christians, Muslins etc and all those who desire divine intervention as the final and utmost solution that is needed right now.   

The Great Fearful Results

On that day the following things shall happen for or against:
1.      All evil people and groups (boko haram, herdsmen militia, ritualist etc) and all those who take pleasure in shedding blood shall suffer the loss of their own lives by the evil in their hands or closets; it will be so rough and tough on that day for them all no matter where they may be.
2.      There shall be numerous diverse miracles with all those who patriotically obey God on that day by using the Time Redemption Prayers.
3.      Also, even mad people shall be set free effortlessly and many people healed in all their locations in and outside of hospitals by the power of God without anybody attending to them
4.      The power of God will be so intense on that day that nothing shall escape or hide from it.  It is the fire of God to unmake and to make things for our good.   

That Day and Nigeria’s Global Leadership

That day is the Crossover Night (31st December 2018- 1st January 2019). And if the time Redemption Prayer is correctly used by all peace loving Nigerians on the set date, then Nigeria’s shall begin to lead the world with God’s powerful and fearful miracles such that: 

1.      Many people and nations of the world will seek help from Nigeria and Nigerians.
2.      Many people from all over the world will prefer to live in Nigeria  and to be called Nigerians;
3.      Nigeria will experience great peace like never before and like never ever.
These are just to mention a few but truly the difference will be very clear or outstanding for the world to see and acknowledge God in you and in Nigeria. And it will take a very long time for Nigeria to recover from the great change and success to be recorded. Be afraid not to act and fail rather than to fail because you refused acted in faith and love.

The Instruction of the Time Redemption Prayer

The Time Redemption Prayer is the multi-locational gathering to God by the Redemption Hours I.e from 11pm-1am at night.
1.      You are strongly advised to do everything possible to be alive and awake to stand in judgment and justice for your life from your location. Study the scriptures and praise God within these two hours.  Don’t attempt to miss this please.
2.      By the top of the Hours of 11mp, 12am and 1am, you should plead the Blood of Jesus Christ on Nigeria and yourself (your name) seven times each. For example ‘I cover Nigeria with the Blood of Jesus Christ’.  This is all you need to do in unity, love and faith for all the great miracles that is needed from God. And God will honour His own part. 
3.      If you do not want to use the Blood of Jesus Christ on yourself, family, land or nation (Nigeria), then use the blood of whoever you want but be alive and awake in love and faith for the judgment and justice of God.  Please help others to be alert/awake.

Great Caution/ Patriotism

For those who may like to know more, this is like the instruction of God to the Israelites on the night of the Exodus and also similar to the one against the walls of Jericho. Believe me, I know that this instruction may look foolish but I advise you to just obey in this simplicity and see the Almighty God at work. Visit the website to know more: www.newworldark.net

There is no barrier to this; you can obey this instruction from your home/room or houses. And in fact you are strongly advised to do so on that day. This is to reduce the gathering together in worship places as the enemies of Nigeria have planned many evil even on that same day.  Like Moses, I have been sent by God to you and to Nigeria. All that God requires from you right now is to obey this instruction. And in fact you should begin to practice this from today and specially seven (7) days to the Crossover over Night and on that same night distinctively.

It is national patriotism and service to partake in the ARISE NIGERIA MISSION by which you will lose nothing but gain all things that is there to be gained.

Please share to all; let everyone (family, friends, colleagues or groups) know about this
Congratulations! The great day is coming with speed and nothing can stop it.
Humbly Sent,

God’s Servant and Messenger

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