God Has Heard the Cries of Nigerians

God has heard our cries to reap Nigerian of evil; wicked people and groups. This is the divine solution and the foundation of all solutions for good and national transformation. And every one and group that is involved in shedding the blood of innocent people and enslaving them shall be judged with the fire of God. Nothing, no one and not even animals shall escape the power of God on that day in Nigeria.

Nigerians have really, really, really suffering and are becoming slaves in their own country. Our country and people have been terribly killed and under siege of evil. The wickedness of men is being manifestation with all kinds of terrorism and ritual killings, covetousness accompanying the great discouragement of the people. But surely there is an end and a new beginning.

ARISE NIGERIA with the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment against Evil in Nigeria is the revelation of God to deliver Nigeria and Nigerians to lead the world into the next phase of human transformation. It is a spiritual revolutionary movement in peace, love and unity of the faith in Nigeria against all forms of religious bigotry.
That day is the 1st January 2019, the Crossover Night (31st December 2018 to 1st January). It shall be the most dreadful day in Nigeria for the evil and greatest day of freedom, joy, and healing for the righteous. All you need to do is to pray by the Time Redemption using the Time Redemption Prayer. See secret at www.newowrldark.net

There is always a great day of breakthrough for a person or a nation for complete turnaround. Ours as a group and a nation is revealed and it is coming with speed. Praise be to God forever and ever.
This ARISE NIGERIA MISSION is in compliance with the provision of the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) including all bodies, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), The Catholic Secretarial of Nigeria (CSN), Association of All Churches in West Africa (ACW), Islamic Council of Nigeria and other Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) with the Association of Peace Loving Nigerians (APLN).  

With due respect to all great people of God, the currently gathering to God from one church to church to another or from one group or fellowship to another against the time of God will not deliver the needed power or exegesis. The parading shift is to the everlasting gathering to God which is the Time; the time Church or the redemption prayer and time.  

ACT FACT: Now and on that day. Action time; No More Delay. Use the Solution at hand and on time. Please share this. Congratulations!
Humbly Sent,
God’s Servant and Messenger
07037384814, 09076821115

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