How Nigerians and Nigeria Shall Lead the World Beginning from 1st January 2019

God Almighty has revealed about five to seven (5-7) secrets through which Nigerians and Nigeria shall lead the world into the next phase of human transformation and global change.  For those of you who have been looking out to something like this and for those who are just hearing this for the very first time, this is your chance to be amongst the global leaders and transformers of the ages using the following secrets:

1.       THE NATIONAL DAY OF DIVINE INTERVENTION AND JUDGMENT AGAINST EVIL IN NIGERIA: That you should enforce The National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria on the 1st January 2019 when there shall be mighty and diverse miracles of God to all peace loving peace in Nigeria but the wrath of God shall be upon the wicked and all those who shed innocent blood in any guise of evil or name. The power of God shall be so great on that day that nothing can escape or hide from it and the whole world shall acknowledge the power of God in Nigeria and for many generations.  As a patriotic Nigerian, all you need to do on that day is to stay up and awake by THE REDEMPTION TIME and use THE TIME REDEMPTION PRAYERS with PRINCIPLE OF SERVICE. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

2.       POWER OVER DEATH WITH COMPLETE PROTECTION: That you should receive and exercise the hidden secret and power over death by which you should not die higher above every evil of men or beast or natural disasters. But you should live with body/soul and spirit and outlive this world into the New World which lies by the corner. I am talking about over both spiritual and physical deaths. So just because people have died and may die only means they reject or do not this secret. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

3.       THE HEALTH AND HEALING REVOLUTIONARY:  That you receive the secret of health transformation by which you should stop ageing and recover effortlessly from all kinds of disease and illness known or unknown to you or to health practitioners.

4.       UNIVERSE PROSPERITY: That you receive the Universal system of leadership in the New World Order by which you should prosper and take advantages of the abundance of the universal resources, elements and knowledge everywhere you go. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

5.       TRANSFORM THE WORLD: that you seek to teach the whole world and its inhabitants the above principles of life in the New World Order for human and universal transformation. By this the whole world will seek after you for solution(s) to all types of global menace including terrorism, climate change and world peace.

6.       UNITED PEACEFUL WORLD: That you build mankind to unite in faith, love as better co-leaders of the universe with God and to take their proper position. 

It is a great privilege and honour that God has revealed to Nigerians first amongst over 7.8 Billion people in the world for the effectuation of the New World Order for Human and Universal transformation.  And it is with this secret of life and prosperity that Nigeria and Nigerians like you shall begin to effectively order universal transformation from one nation to another. 

No matter how free or how automatic or automatic a thing is, it will always require some forms of human commitment or action.  Therefore, a greater hope is revealed for Nigeria and Nigerians to have a better life with complete security and prosperity and to lead the world into the next stage of human and universal transformation. This hope is not theoretical but according to the revealed instruction of God which you should obey.

Beloved, you cannot pay for this secret of life. NO, you can’t pay and that I why I want to give it to for free and as a great reward and outward from God.

Humbly Sent
God’s Servant and Messenger

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