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Topic: The Message of Christmas, Nigeria and 2019 Elections

First, I like to begin by thanking the producers of this program: Uzoma Ogbonna and Andohember Iorhi for their excellent job. And also special recognition goes to my co- invited guest and the honourable people that are seated here… And to you, great Nigerians out there, thank you for listening; God has blessed us.

I may not need further introduction because; this is not about me but about the prosperity and success of Nigeria as a country. Just for clarity, my name is Ijigban Daniel Oketa; I am God’s servant and Messenger with a special message of God for the glorification of Nigeria as the country designated by God to lead the world into the next phase of human and universal transformation.

My Message of Christmas to All Nigerians
Beloved, it is time to draw nearer to God without fear; it is a time to trust God more and more with advanced level of revelational knowledge. And very importantly, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Lord all over the world on the 25th Day of December every year since 336 AD (the 4th Century) is demonstration God’s wisdom to mankind for the effective use of date and time in unity of purpose and love.         

Nigeria and 2019 Election
It is in this wisdom of God in using time/date in unity, progress and faith that Nigeria marks her independence on the 1st October every year since 1960. Also, it is in this wisdom of God in using time/date in unity, progress and faith that Nigeria sets out for general elections in the interval of four years for effective establishment of Government and policies or change of people in political leadership.  And that opportunity is coming again on the 16th February and 2nd March 2019. It is a national call and duty for every eligible person to participate peacefully and Nigeria shall have peaceful elections by the mercies of God.

In view of this, God has sent me to you and Nigeria with a divine secret for a peaceful prosperous Nigeria and for Nigeria to lead the world with the wisdom of God in unity of the spirit and with the accuracy of the date and time being 1st January 2019, which shall be THE NATIONAL DAY OF DIVINE INTERVENTION AND JUDGEMENT AGAINST EVIL IN NIGERIA. This revelation of God carries a very simply secret and instruction which should be obeyed on the CROSSOVER NIGHT by all peace loving Nigerians from all their locations. The simple instruction is the TIME REDEMPTION PRAYER by the REDEMPTION TIME and then:
-          Perpetrators of evil (e.g boko harm, killers of innocent people, ritualists) etc in Nigeria shall be judged on that same night.
-          The righteous will hold their peace and prosper with all kinds of miracles and favour.
-          There shall be sudden change in Nigeria and many people will seek to live in  Nigeria
Remember all you need is to be awake by the Redemption time (11pm-1am), and to plead the Blood 21Times on top of each hour in unity from wherever you may be.  This is our chance to be united in the spirit for the supernatural intervention of God over Nigeria, our beloved country. ARISE NIGERIA MISSION is in consonance with CAN and Other Religious Organizations.

To know more about this, please visit www.newworldark.net or call 07037384814 or 09076821115

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