No More Death for you in this world- if you are Interested

This is one of the greatest times that a person should ever exist on planet earth because of the discovery of how mankind can completely defeat death and then live forever or as much they desire until this world ends or to begin a better New World or Age. Man was not only designed to have complete dominion over the universe (Genesis 1:26-28), but to live forever and not die (John 8:51, John 11:24-26) in this world and also to be translated from one world to another (1Corintians 15:26, 51, Hebrews 2:5).

How can this be? Now, the Tree of Life (to live forever) which was withdrawn from man after the foundational disobedience (Genesis 3:22-24) became free through the obedience of Jesus of Nazareth (1Timothy 1:10). 

Therefore just people have been dying and may continue to die only means that they did not know or may reject the secret which is now being exposed to you. For you, this may be too good to be true but remember that with God all things are possible unto you except you refuse to believe or follow the needed instruction (Hosea 4:6 Romans 10:2).

And remember also that nothing is compulsory and not even life; a person may choose to take his/her own life; success is not compulsory because a person may choose to reject an instruction of success. Life is a choice backed with determination. But determination alone is not enough except backed up with requisite knowledge/understanding or wisdom and obedience to the principles of the success you need. 
It is either you choose to live until this world ends and begin a New one or you can die and leave because those who are not ready to move on are being left behind from the power of the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation.

Let us make the world a better place or if not let us change it.   Now because of the works of Christ, the tree of life (power over death and the secret of deathlessness) has now been revealed through me for the greater success of mankind who should believe.

FIRST THING FIRST: for you to completely have the power to know more and to succeed better in the New World Order, you should believe in Jesus Christ and confess Him as your Lord and personal saviour. 

Most people have past stage one.

STEP TWO: Use the New World Order Secret for Human and Universal Transformation being revealed.
STEP THREE: TO be Revealed in due course

This is what I am glad to announce to you that I have been honoured with amongst all men and that you should also be a partaker of the grace with me for your greater success and wealth for many generations to come.

Humbly Sent,
God’s Servant and Messenger
High Priest of the Universal Time Church

07037384814, 09075821115

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