The New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation Program in Nigeria

Nigeria did not start leading the world because of the availability of all kinds of industries or because all forms of mineral resources are located in Nigeria but because Nigerians possesses the secret of life in Unity of the Faith and Mankind in the New World Order for human and Universal Transformation.  It is the guaranteed system and discovery for

-          Nigeria’s Time to lead the world
-          Ending Terrorism in 9 months
-          Human Capital Development and National Transformation
-          National peace, unity and love
-          Ending Natural Disasters
-          Universal wealth creation and personal security
-          Personal and Organizational profitability. 

ARISE NIGERIA in Global Leadership Beginning from January 1st 2019 such that:
1.      Evil powers and groups shall be dismantled in Nigeria;
2.      Many people and nations of the world will seek help from Nigeria and Nigerians because the wisdom of God and Knowledge of life will be abundant in Nigeria;
3.      Many people from all over the world will prefer to live in Nigeria  and to be called Nigerians;
4.      Nigeria shall be united and will experience great peace like never before and like never ever;
5.      Nigeria will mediate world peace and it shall stand
6.      The Economy of Nigeria shall be better and prosperous even comparatively;
7.      Nigeria shall a better election in 2019;
8.      Nigeria will lead the world using the New World Order
Global Features and Solutions:
·         The real problem of mankind and why good people fail has been discovered in Nigeria
·         The unity power of mankind is uncovered
·         The universal system of leadership, security and healing has been made known to Nigerians in Nigeria
·         It is universe service in unity, love and peace to use the New World Order
Your Opportunities:
-          Become a Universal Fellow of the New World Order: travel round the world and earn universal income.


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