The Solution to Nigerians Multiple Problems

Right now, I am the one sent by God with the only solution to Nigeria’s multiple problems with speed and accuracy. This solution is in the functionally of the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation through the followings:

2.      The only system and secret of power over death by mankind generally against all types of evil of men, beast or natural disasters;
3.      The Health and Healing Revolutionary System through which a person can beat ageing and recovery better and faster from all kinds of diseases and illness with little or no money;
4.      Universal Leadership System and unity of mankind in faith and love and in the diversity of knowledge.
5.      Universal System of prosperity and success for all types of socio-economic transformation
6.      Nigerians leadership of the world into the next stage of human transformation
We can’t continue to do the same thing and except different result. The New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation is the most effective, interesting all –encompassing solution that the Nigeria and the world needs.
Mankind and the universe are on a course for a higher change and those who refuse to change will be left behind.

Hard work is not enough so also is your PVC and votes. We need great divine intervention  and the date is set for 1st January 2019. See how it shall be.

My Name is Ijigban Daniel Oketa 

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