Lies about Heaven, New World and Eternity

1.      If this world will end, will there be another world (new heaven and earth) like this one?
2.      Can those in this world see another or move to the next world without tasting death or must they all die?
3.      The world that ended through Noah, is it a different world from this one? 
4.      If yes, from the above, were there children at the end of the last world before this particular world begun?
5.      If yes to the above, what happened to them- I mean the children?
6.      If you say there were no children above, would you say no one was having children then even though they were getting married?  Remember that the scripture says that at the time of Noah (they never listened but they were getting married and so also will the coming of the son of man be).
7.      So If they were getting married as it is now, then certainly they were having children. But what happened to the innocent children? I did not see them or their children in the Ark.
8.      If Noah was given 120years to finish the Ark, were people not prospering at that time? If not, why not?

How to Live above 100 Years

The right key may not necessarily be huge; it can be small or even in words (password) but let it be used rightly and timely in prayers:

• To make heaven and earth; the entire universe to support you better;
• To turn Every Problems to opportunities
• To overcome all types of temptations
• To defeat all types of evil and plans
• To overturn tables in Your Favour
• To establish Your Successes and fulfill your ambition
• To command and Control the Universe
• To stay united in the faith
• To gain higher and better spiritual strength
• To Recover all and Know it-
• To serve God and man better
• For all Possibilities.

If you have fasted and prayed with little or no difference, then come and see the right key for better and faster result.

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How to make money worldwide

No matter who you are and wherever you are- you can and will really make money by the solutions you provide. Any other thing you are thinking away from providing solutions, please avoid it.

Let your solution be a need and not just because you have the solution. For example, if you have a car and it is a SOLUTION but  someone dont NEED it, then why should you be paid fot it?

So look for the solution; and let it be a need to someone or to as many as possible.

If you need a solution that is a need, come let me show you the solution you need and that the world needs and how to make money through it.

With the Universal System of Wellbeing, you can earn over 50% monthly from your investment.

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Be Completely Secured

If you really want to have more breakthroughs and succeed powerfully, then start praying to God and commanding the universe between 11pm-12am-1am and 12noon daily or as much as you can. If you do this, God will intervene mighty on your behalf, destroy evil plans and you will have your peace.   This is a merciful secret of God. If you want new success, do something changeably new- Start praying by the TIME Daily.    

The Power of Praying by the Time
Ø There is time for everything- so also there is an ordained time for prayer and even fasting completely founded in the Holy Bible by Almighty God for your success. See Inside for clarity.

Why use the Time?
It is the revealed instruction and structure of God’s time (the evening and the morning) for intervention in the life of men.
“THE EVENING is (12noon or pm- 11:59pm) (12noon is the first how of the night, while 11pm is the last hour of the night). THE MORNING is (12am-11:59am) (12am is the first hour of the day, while 11am is the last hour of the day or morning)”
Getting hold of the FIRST/LAST part of a thing determines its perfect control or power. Therefore 11pm-1am and 12noon must be taken with the FORCE OF PRAYER for a successful life. Stand against evil and your mistakes, mistake of others against you and enthrone good by the time. 

How to be Healed Forever

This is not just about drinking or taking water anyhow you want but DRINKING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF WATER AT THE RIGHT TIME For all kinds of health solutions and prevention. THE RIGHT TIME AND THE RIGHT ACTION BRINGS PERFECTION and it is great universal discovery for your wellbeing and life insurance. 
THERE IS A RIGHT TIME FOR EVERYTHING and ANYTHING DONE at the WRONG TIME may become INEFFECTIVE.  E.g consider a farmer who (choose to or by ignorance) plants yam at the wrong time, such a farmer will reap nothing profitable no matter how large the farm is or resources invested. Therefore you may be taking PLENTY of WATER by the time… but if you are not doing so at the wrong time, you will be greatly limited- which HAS KILLED MANY PEOPLE. So we show you and the world THE TIME AND AMOUNT of WATER to do the miracle you desire and to make other health medications work for you better.

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