What's Good About Time (3)

  1. Universality:  There is time everywhere
  2. LIFE: Time is life. How well you make your days determine your life.
  3. TIME=DAY: A day is time (evening and morning) 12-24hours
  4. EQUALITY: Everyone has equal time 24hours per city/nation 
  5. DOUBLE HONOUR: Time is both spiritual and physical element (You may understand this better as we go on)
  6. ALL THINGS: Everything exist by time or in time 
  7. CHANGE: A change happens by time or process.
  8. MOST IMPORTANT: Time is the most important element in every relationship/creation: between humans and between God and man. For example considers the aspect of life creation between humans and other living things- time is highly crucial and must be effectively because they should be available at the same time.  
  9. EFFECTIVENESS: TIME makes a thing/event Effective: E.g. we meet here (location) by 9am, 29 December 17, 2018. Location is in TIME, the Hour is TIME and so is the date.
  10. CREATIVITY AND INVESTMENT: Time is used to create ideas, money, jobs etc through service or product.  Most at times you are employed (to create your income) by investing your time or expertise. And remember that what every expertise you have was receive over time.

The Big Question of the Time (2)

What element in life should a person take charge of in order to be completely secured and to prosper or succeed in all areas of life PER DAY or that would GUARANTEE his/her success. 
Clue (1): This element can be found everywhere and a person should be able to use it consciously and accurately. 
Clue (2): Everyone has the same amount of this element available to him/her daily

Option: (1) Money (Does Everyone has equal money? I hope you say no!)
Option:       (2) Plants and Animals (Everyone has equal plants and animal allocated to them? Someone say no!)
Option:       (3) Schools and Education (Everyone has equal schooling, education and certificates? I am sure not!)
Option:       (4) People: Friends and Family or colleagues or give or receive assistances (Not at all)
Option:       (5) Time (a day or 12hours) in every land, country/nation?

 The Answer is correct as ‘Time’. Yes Time: But what about time?


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