How to Make yourself a great leader

The time in question is 11pm-1am(Night) and 12noon (day) daily. This means that at this time a person is supposed to be alive purposely as much/long as possible investing the power of spoken words (for creative force of life) to order the universal in love/goodness. Since everyone has equal TIME @ 24 hours per day, this system can be effectively used by anyone in any part of the world or profession for all level of good successes and to determine the effectiveness of a DAY daily. And also there is time for everything- so also this is an allocated time for Universal leadership and success in all things for good. This may be a shift in your understanding and you should know that if you want new or higher success, do something changeably new. 

The Right Time

Whatever is done at the wrong time may produce wrong of infective wrong and may become wrong. Consider a farmer who farms yam at the wrong time of the season (year). And you should know that no matter how large such a farm is, it may produce low or nothing at all for the benefit of the owner and others. Hence understanding the right time of leadership dominion per day is the best thing that can happen to you and to a person to success.  

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