The Day of National Transformation and Restructuring of Nigeria

Right from where you are, mark the DAY OF NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION AND RESTRUCTURING OF NIGERIA. That is when:
1.       The greater NEW NIGERIA shall begin on THAT DAY (see more of the Revelation of God about Nigeria @ www. newworldark.net
2.       All those troubling Nigeria and sponsoring evil shall suffer convulsion visibly and publicly and may not survive THAT DAY if they refused to repent same day.
3.       There shall be great and mighty miracles and divine intervention of God with many people all over Nigeria and beyond.
4.       There shall be human capital and mind restructuring of the people of Nigeria and beyond.
Nigeria shall lead the world- ARISE NIGERIA
Connect now/for publications:
Whatapps/call +234 08065995507
Volunteer now for the one day event: Register free for State or City Coordinator:-Click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfT9HZTQEm5sHXV9xUSHxmse6o0KgPVu6bgHwN8dggUW4LXOw/viewform

Please share with family/friends and Groups
Congratulations to you and Nigeria

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