The Time Redemption Prayer Secret of God

1.     It is the advanced knowledge and wisdom of God in the use of time.God as set time  for everything including prayers. (Gen 1:1-5, Ecc 9:11, Mark 1:14-15, Psalms 32:6).
2.     In is the ordained and revealed unity of the faith, Churches and children of God (Ephesians 4:11-15, John 17:20-23)
3.     It is the revealed power of God for men to overcome the great tribulation without tasting death or suffering any form of harm of disease until the very end (John 8:51, Revelations 7:9-17).
4.     It is Invisible Ark of God and the revealed means of translation of the children of God into the New World (new heaven and new earth); 2Peter: 3:1-15, Isaiah 65:17.
5.     It is the way of grace, love and faith in Christ for guaranteed divine intervention and universal dominion from generation to generation; Gen 1:26-28, Psalm  55:16-18, Mathew 17:1-13, Luke 21:37-38.
We are educating the whole world beginning from Nigeria about the Time Redemption Prayer as the revealed power, love and grace of God for the greater glory of the end time.
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