How to Prevent and Stop Death Discovered

We have found how to stop/prevent death, stay healthy/secured and ensure success for at least the next hundred (100) years. This is by a system called the Universal System of Leadership, Wellbeing and Life Insurance. This innovation can help people to prevent death, live healthy and secured, create income and to fulfill life potentials in peace and unity through the use of some universal elements that is available and affordable to you and everyone.

Observably, we have discovered a principle of success or actions by which a person should use regularly to guarantee health/stop ageing, live securely (against all types of harms), create income and also to succeed in other viable ventures. By deploying the USL-WLI, the universe will work better to support you and never to rebel against you in any form of harm or misfortune of the present worldwide developmental challenges.

How Will Nigeria Lead the World?

NIGERIA'S RISE TO GREATNESS may be a repeat of the great prosperity of Egypt under the leadership of Pharaoh which Joseph administered and the great deliverance of Israelites through which Moses piloted. A New greater Nigeria shall materialize beginning from the 1st Day of January 2019 in glory and that is the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment against Evil in Nigeria (i.e night/day of the 31-December 2018- 1st January 2019) by which Nigeria’s greatness shall begin officially. 

1.      Nigeria will begin to be the leading nation of the world and through her many will believe in God;
2.      Nigeria will be greatly prosperous; the dreams of many shall be fulfilled;
3.      Nigeria will experience unexplainable peace and unity plus good leadership while evil powers and leaders shall be made powerless.
4.      Many people will seek to invest in and come to live in Nigeria;
5.      Many will say Nigeria has replaced Israel in the consign of advance glory and all types of miracles of God; including all levels of healing and restoration of health;
6.      Many will say Nigeria has replaced United States of America as world power in might and honour through God Almighty;
7.      Nigeria will mediate world peace and it shall stand.

On the night of the national day of divine intervention, specifically and very importantly, evil and their sponsors who refuse to repent before that day shall be judged and shall not survive the good people shall triumph and take over see Malachi 4:1-3. There shall be great fear in the Nigeria and the world and reverence for God.

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