No More Death for you in this world- if you are Interested

This is one of the greatest times that a person should ever exist on planet earth because of the discovery of how mankind can completely defeat death and then live forever or as much they desire until this world ends or to begin a better New World or Age. Man was not only designed to have complete dominion over the universe (Genesis 1:26-28), but to live forever and not die (John 8:51, John 11:24-26) in this world and also to be translated from one world to another (1Corintians 15:26, 51, Hebrews 2:5).

How can this be? Now, the Tree of Life (to live forever) which was withdrawn from man after the foundational disobedience (Genesis 3:22-24) became free through the obedience of Jesus of Nazareth (1Timothy 1:10). 

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