2019 Goals and Provision of ARISE NIGERIA GLOBAL MISSION

ARISE (Agenda for Reforms and Initiative for Sustainable Economy) NIGERIA GLOBAL MISSION is a system for human capital development for national and universal transformation. Therefore, as a 2019-2023 goal, we are building over 100Million Nigerians and at least 1Billion people worldwide with the Time Exchange System for:

1.       Career, Job and Business Profitability and Success
2.       Self Leadership, Creativity & Emotional Intelligence  
3.       Human and National Transformation
4.       Global Peace, Unity of Mankind to God in the New World Order
5.       Universal Transformation
6.       Universal Leadership and Fellowship

1.       Organized Platforms/partnerships
2.       One-on-one Education
3.       Direct  Global Fellowship Programs
4.       Radio and TV
5.       Online/Social Media
6.       Newsprint Media

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Helping humanity, our nation and the world to be secured and to be better and better…

SPECIAL EXPO: The New World Order and Unity of the Faith and Mankind towards a peaceful and united world with a pragmatic shift in morality, social-political advancement and religious beliefs for human and universal transformation.

1.          National Service System with Universal Leadership;
2.          Human capital and National Development System;
3.          National/Global Peace and Unity;
4.          Personal creativity and success system;
5.          National, personal security and Justice system;
6.          Uniting Against Evil; Terrorism/War etc;
7.          Building Integrity and Morality;
8.          Human Rights with Socio-economic & Political ideology for effective representation/delivery.

Special consideration: The Humanistic Leadership Solution to Global Warming & Natural Disasters

Human Capital & Universal Transformation
Human Capital is the Bedrock of all kinds of transformation. Human capital consists of the knowledge, skills and health of a people including their unity and peace for self and universal leadership and transformation. Therefore without a system of human capital development, natural resources will be unutilized, untapped and national transformation or reforms will be short-lived. The system of Time Exchange is advancement on the educational or school system of knowledge creation; in fact it is the Fifth Estate Realm uniting the church, government, people and the media for positive advancement and development. It is the system that influences all other systems to work better through human capital transformation, recourse utilization and universal leadership unity. It gives every individual an opportunity for self-development and contribution to universal transformation, peace, unity irrespective of gender or location. It enforces human rights and freedom of association, choice, and religious tolerance.

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Helping humanity, our nation and the world to be secured and to be better and better…

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Helping humanity, our nation and the world to be secured and to be better and better…
 Human, National and Universal transformation using an all-in-one system of life and success

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