How to Completely Stop Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters in United States of America (USA) and Other Countries of the World

The truth is that there is nothing without solution except if the solution is not discovered or rejected.  Consequently, this solution is a great paradigm shift from the general understanding of how global warming, earthquakes and other natural disasters should be tackled successful or stopped for the next fifty (50) years.

All over the world, natural disasters have killed and/or destroyed uncountable lives and as well destroyed many economies; billions of properties, facilities and businesses or investment.  For example and according to the Relief Web International (reliefweb.int), “the four costliest natural disasters in 2016 were a flood in China (US$ 22 billion), the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan (US$ 20 billion), a flood and Hurricane Matthew in the USA (US$ 10 billion, each). Thirty-two other disasters resulted in damages between US$ 1 and 5 billion, for a total of US$ 69.1 billion. Together, these disasters had a total cost of US$ 131.1 billion, a share of 85.1% of all reported damages in 2016”.

As at 2016, the USA was affected by a variety of disasters; including 16 floods and landslides, 13 storms, 3 earthquakes, 1 extreme temperature episode and 1 drought. During this times, the number of natural disasters in the United States (26) was the fourth highest since 2006, 22.5% above its decadal annual average (21.5).  Some of the above incidents resulted in many deaths.

Nobody really wants to die. A death of a person can be a lot painful since he/she is important to the world and it could have a devastating effect on families, groups, organizations or nations. Natural disaster does not just kill people but destroy lives or nations as hinted above.

Our solution is not about tracking natural disasters or issuing warning to people against their occurrence; it is not talking about a better way of escaping from the incidences but it is about how to stop all types of natural disasters within a record of between 10-50years. Our solution does not stop companies and organizations from creating energy saving proficient equipments or machines; it does not stop anyone from adopting renewable energy development or adopting green-world policies or standards but clearly a universal solution that can help synergize global effort in the right direction with a simple humanistic application by both the rich and those in poverty; religious or non religious people; employers or employees; public servant or private citizens etc.    

Using our humanistic system that is available, accessible and affordable to everyone, we can guarantee complete stoppage of natural disaster in the United States and other interested countries within the first two-three (2-3) months of using same. It can stop imminent danger or natural disasters as well.

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