Introducing the Time Exchange System for Human and Universal Transformation

The time exchange system is for the unity of human beings with God in peace and progress from one nation to another. It is the revered unity of the faith and it can be proven being commanded by God using almost all most all religious doctrinaires that promotes the success and unit of mankind. It is for the eradication of evil, natural disasters to achieve the New World Order for human and universal transformation. And of a truth this is the only revealed solution to global solution to religious bigotry.

The Time Exchange System is the FIFTH ESTATE REALM after the church, government, people and the media and this is because it can unite all and sundry for higher/better success. 

Time, Laws, Humans and Development
Time does not change per say but people change per time.
Time is always 24hours in every land and for everyone in all generations; but people change by what they know or do with time. Every system is a product of effective use time by people and so also is an enduring/sustainable success in career, business or trade management or personal life. Consider the following examples:
1.       Every government is timed for effectively transition; eg 4-8years of governance. And even if it is changed today, it will yet be timed
2.        Child birth of mankind or another animals is time e.g 9months or there is agitation
3.       The school and education system is timed….primary 6years etc.
4.       Every day is timed @ 24hours
5.       Time is used to create Money and some say Time is money
6.       Time is used to create knowledge and relationship
7.       Timing makes a thing effective: that is why whatever is done at the wrong time will produce wrong result or become wrong.

Let us Move Forward Faster and Better
We have discovered the system of TIME EXCHANGE for human capital development, knowledge creation, peace and unity that can strengthen all other systems for national development that is not only sustainable but will become evident daily in the lives of those who use it. 
You can now success better and so we can do more in love, peace and unity.

This is more money and more than money for your good.

Remember and be sober knowing that good intention; love/passion/determination is NOT ENOUGH unless what should be done is done at the time knowingly or unknowingly PER TIME. You may agree with me that enduring success is system based at all times or per time. Everything is achieved in a process/system of TIME. So is knowledge, success or wealth.

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