The New World Order is Inevitable

Towards a peaceful and united world with a pragmatic shift in morality, social-political advancement and religious beliefs for human and universal Transformation
Before now, the Phrase ‘New World Order’ meant evil to many people and they detested it. Others continue to guess at what it would look like.

In 1988, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev spoke at the United Nations of a need to search for "universal human consensus" because humans will progress into a "new world order." In 1990, United States President George Bush used the term to mean a post-cold war unity among nations through United Nations action against further conflict.  So many people/groups have been talking about world unity/peace.
A New World Order is inevitable and it is for the good of mankind and the universe which is suffering depletion in many areas. God has ordained and revealed a New World Order in the Unity of the Faith and Mankind for perfect dominion in love and peace.

The much talked about New World Order has begun and worthy of note is that it is a systematic approach to self and universal leadership in unity and peace by mankind irrespective of their locations all over the world through which human and universal transformation with global human right, social justice, rule of law and equitable development becomes really effective and enduring.

This systematic approach of the New World Order can only be achieved through the secret of the Time Exchange Discovery.

The Time Exchange secret shows how mankind/people in any time zone or country to be easily united in good faith without having to come together but by the Leadership Time to order the universe and for the establishment of peace and all forms of justice and development.

This is not only proven by reality, common sense but by religious, academic principles and international laid down principles, rights and laws of many countries and intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations. 
It will take the entire world just between two to three (2-3) years to achieve the great feet of the New World Order for a better and advanced human and universal transformation. It can completely stop climate change/effect and also cushion evil and all types of vices.   

Who should know about the New World Order?
-          Individuals and professionals
-          Business men and women
-          Practicing or partisan politicians
-          Traditional leaders
-          Political parties
-          Religious leaders/Faith Based Organizations
-          Civil Societies and Organizations 
-          Government/Representatives
-          International/Intergovernmental Organizations
-          Academia/Students

In fact everyone who can understand a bit of life.   

Personal Advantages of Using the New World Order Principle:
1.   Personal success in life endeavours
2.   Peace and Tranquility 
3.   Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
4.   Advanced knowledge
5.   Health and wealth
6.   Personal security
7.   Universal Control or power

National or Universal Advantages:
1.   Peace and unity of mankind and Nations
2.   Elimination of Evil
3.   Elimination of Global Warming or Climate Change/Effects
4.   Human rights
5.   Universal Transformation
6.   Human Transformation

Action Points:
1.   Discover the Time Exchange Secret
2.   Personal Discipline
3.   Organizational Enforcement
4.   Governmental/National bylaws
5.   Global Intergovernmental Enforcement     

Therefore the ideal New World Order for human and universal transformation is a pragmatic change in beliefs religiously with both social  and political advancement or best practices.

Prophecies and The Reality
Many people; religious teachers and academic scholars for many years in both the Christians and Islamic faith have spoken of or prophesied about this time in ‘the unity of mankind to God’ but they never stated the system through which it should achieved  except now which is strategically revealed by IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA.

Based on Scriptural exposition from the Holy Bible, the Unity of the Faith and Mankind in the New World Order is only being achieved through the Time Redemption Prayer using the leadership or dominion time  through which all those in the faith can gathering in unity of the spirit to God in worship/prayers by the time from  different locations or nations irrespective of denomination, church or calling. 

Those who refuse this will only be standing against the good work of God that they may have been expecting. 

It is a rare privilege to be alive now and with the New World Order in reality.

Those who refuse this will only be standing against the good work of God that they may have been expecting. 

We are transforming lives and the world.

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