The President of Nigeria 2019 and those Who Should be Leaders

The President of Nigeria 2019 and those Who Should be Leaders should use and deploy this system as a matter of urgency. Failure of which will mean a lot of wrongs perpetrated or allowed. 

This system will become a National law but should be piloted and supported by all and sundry as a national service.  For example, it is not a national law to pray or eat or exercise at certain times but governments, organizations and group’s etc support, encourage and help people to do so.
Do you have good intentions? Good intention; love, passion or determination is NOT ENOUGH unless what should be done is done at the time knowingly or unknowingly PER TIME. You may agree with me that enduring success is system based at all times or per time.

The system is for human and universal transformation in unity, peace from one nation to another. Since it is human capital development that determines enduring national development, so without a system of human capital development, national transformation is short-lived and endowment of natural resources is wasted or never utilized.  

And that is why what people including peace loving Nigerians need now is a strategic system of human capital development that can be used to order and re-order national development and utilization of resources and opportunities.  Consequently and very importantly, this system can be used for:

1.       Political ideology for effective democratic representation and delivery
2.       National human capital development system;
3.       Peace and Unity top class strategy;
4.       Personal creativity and success system;
5.       National and personal security and Justice system
6.       Displacement of evil without comprehension by those who enjoy doing evil.
7.       Building integrity and morality

The race is open to all the candidates and people to take advantage  of. The truth is that without this system in operative by us together as peace loving Nigerians, the wrong people or evil will keep succeeding. It is a huge privilege that we have discovered a system that can help us to displace and to replace things and people for good.  And it is for a peaceful election. This is because this system has a direct guarantee of God Almighty through whom nothing can go against or with us if we do the needful.

End to Boko Haram and Others in 2Months:

With the system in place, two months is much to deal with all types of insurgency, even boko Haram without buying anymore weapon. 

The President of Nigeria 2019 and those who should be leaders need to quickly understand this system and deploy it or else no one should complain forthwith.

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