The Unity of the Faith and Mankind in the New World Order

Those who are backward withstand change and when it lingers, it becomes wickedness on their part.

The word of God says a time will come like this for global unity in (John 17:20-23, Ephesians 1:9-10 4:11-13).Apostle Paul Peter and many others laid down their lives for it also.

Prophet Muhammad spoke about it in good faith......Many Christians speak about it; they want it now. 

In 1988, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev spoke at the United Nations of a need to search for "universal human consensus" because humans will progress into a "new world order."

In 1990, United States President George Bush used the term to mean a post-cold war unity among nations through United Nations action against further conflict. So many people/groups have been talking about world unity/peace.
This is the only potent supernatural force against evil and for human and universal transformation.

Should a person keep prophesying and speaking in tongues against the ascending to the real deal of the time? NO!

Should they continue to pursue personal aggrandizements against the unity plan of God?

You deserve to succeed better. Many people are good; they deserve to succeed higher and also desire that their country become better, better and better.  But good intention; love/passion/determination is NOT ENOUGH unless what should be done is done at the time knowingly or unknowingly PER TIME.

It will take you discipline to apply change and to do what is right for your own success.


The truth is that without this system in operative by us and peace loving Nigeria, the wrong people of whatever colour or tribe. We have discovered a system that can help us to displace and to replace things and people for good.  And it is for a peaceful election. This is because this system has a direct guarantee of God Almighty through whom nothing go run against if we do the needful.

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