The Way Forward for Nigeria

We thank God for one of the most peaceful celebrated Crossover and New Year commemoration in Nigeria. It was characterized with peace and hope for a better Nigeria without an incidence of evil occurrence of national disaster nationwide on that particular night/day: 31st December to 1st January 2019.

This is not because the evil people are tired to steal, kill and destroy and certainly the feet achieved is not accidental or a luck but can be largely attributed to the Time Redemption Prayer held in unity of the faith and with all Nigerians irrespective of religions inclination who partook in the exercise by the Redemption Time 11pm-1am before and on the Crossover night. 

That gathering by the Dominion and Leadership Time in one mind and in prayers to God is a privilege prerequisite for all kinds of divine interventions and judgment against evil daily. It makes the camp of evil to be confused and their plans watered down and exposed by divine orchestration which may not be totally explained.

If this feet of the Redemption Prayer by the Redemption Time is ordered by all peace loving Nigerian in unity of mind from all their locations, Nigeria will not only enjoy maximum peace and progress, but the forces of evil and terrorism shall be destroyed within Nine to twelve (9-12) months and whereby Nigerians shall lead the world with the same solution in the New World Order for Humana and Universal Transformation.

Of a truth the secret of the Time Redemption prayer in unity of the faith and Nigerians is the only way out from the current political, social and security and economic quagmire and national predicament.

That is best way and the only way divinely revealed that we should help our nation and the military to succeed and win the war against Boko Haram and allied forces launching against peace loving Nigerians and in all parts of Nigeria.

Remember that through our nationwide Radio program and social media campaign (ARISE NIGERIA NDDI), we got over 50million Nigerians (christians and muslims alike)  involved in the Time Redemption on that day. That does the 'magic'.  But if this motion is not sustained in unity because it is the only way forward, evil will overtake Nigeria because the evil plans against her are massive. This is the fact and it is not a bad wish.

Beloved, you may want to buy a car, build a house, get a job, grow  your business, get married or have children in 2019; which are good plans but more individualistic than a national sacrifice. Join the national course (ARISE NIGERIA in the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation) for a prosperous and peaceful Nigeria and for better individual/collective success.

Collaborative partnership is urgently solicited and encouraged over this.
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