Unity of the Faith and Mankind; The Revealed Power of God

Today, many Christians, Muslims, Bahi’s etc and peace loving people around the world or religious beliefs and those who believe in the supremacy of God Almighty are expecting the unity of the faith and mankind to God. This unity is for peace, human and global transformation and for the destruction of evil powers as spoken by the many true prophets and sons of God.

The good news is that the unity of the faith is revealed and should be activated or enforced by us- you and I and all peace loving people irrespective of location, church denomination or religious inclination.

Therefore, you can join unity of the faith by partaking in the Time Redemption Prayer from where you are daily as revealed and instructed by God even accurately by the Scripture(s)

Beloved without the unity of the faith using the Time Redemption Prayers, evil has prevailed and overrun many against God’s plan of safety, success and love for them in this world. 

Remember, we all cannot gather in one location, church, country or worship place but we can all gather by the Redemption Time; the Dominion Time of God appointed from the foundation of the world to worship God.  It is FREE and there is no coercion, the time is there for everyone.

 Connect today and daily and let us unite against evil for a progressive and prosperous living.     

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This Message is from IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA; God’s Servant and Messenger in Unity of the Faith and Mankind. 

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