The Time Redemption Prayer In Unity of the Faith

God has revealed and accurately by the word that there is a set time for prayers by which all peace loving people or believers should gather unto Him in worship and from all their locations. For example, it is written as spoken by King David that:

“For this (judgment and mercy) shall EVERY ONE THAT IS GODLY PRAY unto thee in A TIME when thou mayest (chosen to) be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.(KJV) Psalm 32:6 words in brackets added by me for better understanding.

Just because you did not know the time before now does not mean that it does not exist. And please I would like you to know that you will need to have an open mind to continue to dig into this because the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith or revelation/understanding from one level to another (Romans 1:17).The Time Redemption Prayer is God’s instruction that all believers should gather to Him by the Redemption time or hours which are between 11pm-1am (Night) and at 12noon (day) in prayers daily to activate and to receive all kinds or divine intervention and for evil to be judged in their land. By the Scripture and understandably the Redemption Time or hours is proven as God’s time for adjudication of justice and judgment and for man to call onto Him in love and unity of mind and purpose. 

The Unity of the Faith by the Time

The Church of God is not a house or just human body that can be destroyed, it is the time not made by hands for people to gather on to God and not to a man from all their locations in unity see Acts 17:24-25. It is the secret place of the Most High -Psm 91. Can the secret place of God die or be destroyed.
Using it or not, the secret is holy and true and it is for your good. Let us meet by the time.
Gathering by the Time in prayers is the effectual unity of the faith and mankind to God. It is the secret of effective prayers.

The Mistake in Christianity called Church or Churches; it Really Hurts.

Often times you hear or ask this question ‘where is your church’?  The fact is that some people may reply thus ‘it is our church or it is the church of God’, ‘it is not my church; ‘I don’t have a church’ etc and they may be right even though the truth may be that they truly have a church or churches, build by hands or money and they are using it as an industry that is delivering huge profits.

The word church means ‘an assembly of worshippers’ and not necessary in or a particular building, under the trees, a house, mountain, or land/country. So if you ask so many people who believe in God that about God’s worship place, they may say one of the followings:

1.      A church or a mosque or a place build for such purpose
2.      A personal house, alter or secret room
3.      A mountain/rock, an ocean or location around a city that is visible or not visible to all people
4.      A holy land or city where the prophet who them believed had lived  or performed miracles
5.      A human being who believes in God  

How long will the Human Race Survive, given our Current Trajectory?

Through, ignorance, pride and disunity, mankind failed the Universal Leadership test and that is why the world is in destruction unabated or just as forceful and intense as before. But the single but interwoven solution is now found.

The human race will survive forever but there will be a terrible destruction of humans and creation between now and 2030 (13years) when the New World will start.  

The New World will be this same world or earth and not another planet as thought by some people…..but only a few persons may be saved and safe to continue into New World for another round of human and universal transformation.  Be among.
If you are interested, I will send you the booklet; online now and later a hard copy. It is a universal solution of all times.
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What are the major Problems of Mankind?

Ignorance, pride and disunity are the major problems of mankind and there are interwoven together with one solution.
All the above problems are solved with an exposition in one single book of mine with definite instructive solution on:
  1. the Real and Dominion power of mankind over all things and the universe;
  2. The Unity of Faith and Mankind in the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation;
  3. Why Pride will make people (you reading this) to reject the simplicity of the solution;
If you are interested, I will send you the booklet; online now and later a hard copy. It is a universal solution of all times.
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The Global Destruction and End of the World 2030; How it will be Revealed

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Why the World is Under Intense Destruction and the Only Solution Thereof

The entire world and inhabitants are under destruction and the only solution is the emergence of a New World and hence this exposition being the revelation of God Almighty for a New World Order and for Human and Universal Transformation. Therefore note followings:

1.     Just as was in the times of Noah with the emergence of a New World (this present world which is getting old and fading away), so also a New World is emerging within and around us for good. Genesis 8:1-22, 9:1-5, 2Peter 3:13,14

2.     It is not because God is wicked (He forbids wickedness) but it is a bid to save mankind from the destruction they have cause this present world and to give them a New start especially those who believe (to obey His safety/Instruction) just as Noah and a few others. Genesis 6:11-22
3.     The fire that is destroying this world is puzzle popularly known today as   Global Warming; I.e the heat waves  causing all kinds of destructive effects on the universe; and this world may not survive the next 13years from now; 2Peter 3:10-12, Mathew 24:21-22    

The Universal Dominion and Leadership for Mankind is a Hoax?

This is not about a people, religion or country. It is about mankind and human dignity.  If mankind does not have complete dominion over the universe, what good are they and what is their duty?

The word dominion (leadership authority) with its imaginative value is common to many people no doubt. And as a human being, you are not only positioned but can exercise or use the full right of the dominion over all things seen or unseen; animate or inanimate and in fact the entire universe.

How Africa and Nigeria is Now the Future of the world

Though mildly but in unity with little publication, we have used this strategy to achieve A VIOLENT AND NATIONAL CALAMITY FREE CROSSOVER/NEW YEAR CELEBRATION 2019 FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME TO BE REMEMBERED IN NIGERIA through a nationwide publication on Radio Nigeria Network and others avenues. And within 2-3 Years, if the Universal System of Leadership of ARISE NIGERIA GLOBAL MISSION is used by at least 10% of Nigeria’s population, the following shall be the results:

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